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Here all the aadhar card services availabe aadhar card download, aadhar card status, aadharcard mobile number registration, aadhar card new enrollment, Application Form and aadhar card update or correction etc,....
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 Aadhaar is a 12(twelve) digit Unique identification number,on behalf of Government of india UIDAI( Unique Identification Authority of India) issues this aadhaar number. Aadhaar number will be used as a proof of identity and address  anywhere in India.The UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)  is a central government agency of India. The main objective of UIDAI is to collect the biometric and demographic data of residents and store them in a centralized database.
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 Aadhar is a random number and it is not loaded with profiling or intelligence into identity numbers that makes it unsusceptible to fraud and theft.The unique identity would also qualify for as a valid ID while availing various government services, like a LPG connection or subsidized ration or kerosene from PDS or benefits under NSAP or pension schemes,e-sign,digital locker,Universal account number under EPFO and for some other services like a SIM card or opening a bank account. Any Aadhar Card holder or service provider can verify an Aadhar number for its genuineness through a user friendly service of UIDAI called (AVS) Aadhar Verification service available at its website.
A resident already enrolled under National Population Register is not required to enroll again for Aadhaar. UIDAI/Aadhaar will not be used for any other purposes except Kerosene, PDS and LPG distribution system and even for availing these facilities Aadhaar card will not be mandatory.

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