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Passport is a travel document will be issued by the government of India to the citizens of India for a limited period of validity. It serves as a proof of Indian citizenship and permits possessor to travel internationally. Passport services available for issuing fresh passport and re-issue of passport. If you are applying for the first time you can apply for the fresh passport. You can apply for the re-issue of passport in below cases.

  • If the validity of existing passport expired due to expire or within 3 years.
  • If you would like to change existing passport personal details.
  • More than three years ago validity expired.
  • In case of exhaustion of pages.
  • Passport has been damaged.
  • If you lost the passport.

Passport Services | Support

Passport authority of India issuing three types of passports.
1.Official Passport: Contains grey colored cover.This will be issued to a person who is designated non-gazetted Govt servant or any other person specially authorized by Govt deputed abroad on government business.
2.Diplomatic Passport: Contains maroon colored cover.Passport authority issues this to a designated member of the national government, judiciary, diplomats, official public couriers, statutory authorities and any other person specifically authorized by the Govt.
3.Ordinary Passport: It has the blue cover. An Indian citizen can use an ordinary passport for usual vacation or business travel.This passport contains 36 or 60 pages and is valid for 10 years from the date of issue and one can renew this for another 10 years.

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