Bhoomi Land Record Details Online - Check Status RoR and Download Data

Every State Can Check their Land Records in Online

Before going to offices first you can check in online how much land you have and it is correct or wrong any mistakes in your land data then contact your registration offices.
It helps to sellers and buyers at that bidding moment we have a chance to check land details online.
Find Bhoomi Land Records Data Using
                                           Survey numbers                        (OR)
                                           Name of the Land Holder          (OR)
                                           Grama Pahani Data                     (OR)
                                           Katha Numbers                         (OR)
                                           Village Bhoomi or Land Data

State Wise Land-Bhoomi Record Website Details Online

Get Land Details Online
Telangana Land-Bhoomi Pahani, RoR and Plot Details: Telangana                  
Bihar Bhulekh – Bihar Bhoomi Land Records
Bihar: page
Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan Chhattisgarh Bhoomi Land Records
Gujarat AnyRoR – Gujarat Bhoomi Land Records
Haryana Jamabandi Haryana Nakal Bhoomi Land Records
Jharkhand Bhoomi Land Records
Karnataka RTC Bhoomi Karnataka Bhoomi Land Records
                                                   Madhya Pradesh(MP)
Madhya Pradesh Bhuabhilekh – MP Bhoomi Land Records
Maharashtra Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Bhoomi Land Records

Orissa Bhulekh – Odisha Bhoomi Land Records
Punjab PLRS Fard Punjab Bhoomi Land Records
Rajasthan Apnakhata – Rajasthan Bhoomi Land Records
Tamilnadu Patta Chitta – Tamilnadu Bhoomi Land Records
Uttarakhand Devbhumi – Uttarakhand Bhoomi Land Records
                                                             Uttar Pradesh(UP)
Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh – UP Bhoomi Land Records
Check Here:
                                                               West Bengal(WB)
West Bengal Banglarbhumi – West Bengal Bhoomi Land Records
Main Website:
Check Here:
Current Deed Status:

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  1. Madhya Pradesh(MP) Bhuabhilekh is the Land Record system which was developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in association with Revenue Department of Madhya Pradesh
    mp bhulekh


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