Updated Aadhar Card Status - How to Check URN Status

Process of Updated Aadhaar Card Status 2019

If you are are looking for the status of recently updated Aadhar card, here is the complete guide to getting the Aadhar card update status. Aadhar card information update request can be sent offline and online. Once submitting/updating latest changes either your address or Name, etc you will receive an update request number (URN) on the registered mobile number. This number is most important to check your Aadhar status online, make a note of it, henceforth this URN will give the current status of your update request. Now to get your request status visit the Aadhar official website enter this update request number and proceed further the page will show either status success or still in process. Without this URN also you can check the status directly with your Adhar number the below you find how to check your Aadhar card status using these two ways. 

updated aadhar card status

URN Updated aadhaar card status

How to check updated aadhar card status? Procedure:

Two ways to check updated aadhar card status :

  1.  By using URN (update request number) 
This URN number is when do you update aadhar card that time you will get this URN number (if you forgot or lost URN number go through 2nd method).
     2.  By using  aadhar card number
Method1: Updated aadhar card status By using URN (update request number)
what we required for this method
1. aadhar card number
2. URN number

Step1: Go Here:  https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/check-status
or https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/check-status
  • enter aadhar card number 
  • enter URN number or SRN Number
  • and click on Get Status

 Now you will get status its updated or not, if updated then download your aadhar card.
{ When you enter the URN number and aadhar card number sometimes it will show incorrect URN number or invalid URN number..don't worry about that status...if you are looking to check status for updation of mobile number in aadhar Then that time you can directly go to aadhaar update link and enter your aadhar card number and click on send OTP..if you get OTP to your mobile number..your registration success otherwise not success.}
when you forgot or lost URN number(for the check of updated aadhar card status) don't worry you can Directly Download Aadhar Card and check your data will be updated are not.

Method2: Updated Aadhar card status By using aadahr card number 

Download your aadhar card using your aadhar details of updated data and check its updated or not.

We Know the Updated aadhar card status by downloading aadhar card.
(Note: If you need to know extra information or any doubts regarding updated aadhar card status please post a comment
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  1. Replies
    1. if you don't have URN Number to Check Updated aadhar card status.. don't worry...directly download the aadhar card and check your details updated or not...

  2. Is there any way to check updated aadhar card status without URN number and registered mobile phone number .?

    1. Yes, Check aadhar card Mobile Number Verification - if it is OK then download and aadhar card and check it....
      visit...for verification:http://www.freeonlineseva.com/2015/12/check-aadhar-card-mobile-number-Verification.html

      download aadhar card: http://www.freeonlineseva.com/2015/03/aadhar-card-download-download-aadhar-card.html

  3. It is saying that it has been send for review

  4. Dear Sir, we have sent the adhar application for the change of address, URN number is received but still we have not received any information. Kindly look into the matter.

  5. Dear sir/ Madam, I see that my aadhar card request is completed successfully ... what next would i need to go to the nearest Bangalore one office and get a new one or is the procedure completed.. Please advice..

    1. hi indu kumar...
      No Need to go anywhere..you can download it from online

  6. I submitted address update request on 11 Feb and it is around a month and the status still seems to be in progress. I am also unable to download the old aadhar card as it does not accept my old or new pin code. How do I get this fixed. When checking status by URN it just shows in progress.

  7. I have updated my urn and it has been approved also will i recieve at my home?

  8. I have sent the update/correction form for address change and change of mobile number. How do i get URN number to check the status. We have lost the mobile number

  9. very useful saved alot of time to find Aadhaar Card status

  10. I have updated my mobile no. & they have sent me URN No. but I am not able to check the status of my Aadhar card update. Whenever I am checking it is showing that URN no. is incorrect.

    My Aadhar No & URN No is below
    UID - 993701641169
    URN no. 0000/00264/25705

  11. I have updated my mobile no. & they have sent me URN No. but I am not able to check the status of my Aadhar card update. Whenever I am checking it is showing that URN no. is incorrect.

    UID - 8156 9505 0018
    URN - 0000/00267/17351

  12. Hi Kamal & Irfan,

    You have enter the URN without the forward slashes (only digits) in the edit box while checking the status.

  13. Hi Irfan &Kamal,

    When you're entering the URN in the edit box, just type the numbers without forward slashes. It will work.


  14. I missed my acknowledgement,i didn't received message ,what can I do now? How can I check my status

  15. I missed my acknowledgement,i didn't received message ,what can I do now? How can I check my status

  16. i already send request for update aadhar card,in how many days it wiil process??

  17. i have submitted necessary documents for aadhar card updation by post one week (26-08-2016) back but till now i didn't recevie any response from deparment.

  18. As we all know that Aadhar Card is one of the most important ID proof and it is valid almost every government departments.If you already have been applied your Aadhar Card and now you want to check your Aadhar Card Status.Aadhar Card Status

  19. I missed my acknowledgement,i didn't received message ,what can I do now? How can I check my status

  20. Hi, I had updated my aadhar surname by aadhar card update online but to check the update online when i enter URN it said that request is pending for approval,what to do?
    To do aadhar verification click here.

  21. I had visited the aadhar updation center to update bio- metric, the updation had done and URN generated but while checking it is showing in correct and while checking my aadhar status it shows inactiveted.
    Please help .......

    1. Visit Aadhaar Enrollment Center

  22. Good that tracking status of Aadhaar is still accessible and not revoked like updating Aadhaar Details online like mobile, gender, date of birth, email id, etc.


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