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Generally the one who applied for Aadhar will be provided Aadhar card. This Aadar card would be received by post also can be downloaded online. Government computerized all India’s aadhar cards and set an easy process to download them from official website. Here Aadhar online download process with screenshots available. When you apply for Adhar card you will be given enrollment number further this EID number helpful to download Aadhar card. To download aadhar online there are two ways one is using Enrollment number the other process is using Aadhar card number.

How to download aadhar card Online?

Have you applied for Adhar card? Got an enrollment number, post application awaiting to download Aadhar online?

aadhar card download online image

 There are two ways to download  aadhar card
  1. By using Enrollment Number, date and time (EID) we can download aadhar card. or
  2. By using Aadhr card number (UID) we can download aadharcard online.
Both are the same process to download the aadhar card but difference is choosing the option that is which number do you have EID or UID?
You have aadhar card number now would like to download it from online!

What we required for aadhar card download

1. Enrollment Number (EID) or Aadhr card number (UID). (Go Hereif you don’t know or lost the EID or UID if you want to know this numbers )
2. Name.
3. Pin code.
4. Registered Mobile number is must for anything for aadhar card. (Go Here: If mobilenumber or email id not registered )

Procedure for aadhar card download.


  •  Go to official website http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in    
  •  Select Enrollment Id or Aadhar (which number do you have select that one)
  •  Type Your Name
  •  Enter pin code number   
  •  Enter image text 
  •  And mobile number
  •  Then click on One Time Password                                                                                          (Wait 10 sec you will get One Time Password to Your Registered Mobile Number)
  •  Enter One Time Password
  •  Then click on Validate and download
  • We will get one pdf file click on save and ok that file.
At this time we must have to installed pdf software or application in our system or mobile phone.
Now open downloaded file in this time asking password that is your "pin code" number.

Step by step Procedure to Adhar card download

Here is the procedure to download Aadhar using enrollment number and as well as aadhar card number.
Step1 aadhar card download image
  • Click on Enrollment Id or Aadhar number which one do you have select that one
aadhar card download step1 image
Step2 aadhar card download image
aadhar card download image step2    
  • Fill up Your details and click on get one time password you will get one window like below image                

  Step3 aadharcard download image   

aadhar card download image step3

  • If registered mobile number correct click on confirm and wait 10 sec and you will get one time password to your registered mobile number.
Step4 aadhar card download image
aadhar card download image step4
  •  Type one time password and click on validate & download.

Step5 aadhar card download image

aadharcard download image step5
  • Enjoy Now you will get aadhar card if you want open that file we need pdf software in our device OK by opening of that pdf fie asking password that is your PIN CODE number

aadhar card download image step6
  •  Enter your pin code number and click on OK that pdf file open Enjoy by seeing your aadharcard.
Note: Don't download  aadhar card many times, we can download aadhaar card  20 times only in online, after that it shows "maximum limit exceeded"
So when you updated your aadhar card that time only download updated aadhar card and when you downloaded Aadhaar PDF , Save that aadharcard PDF for future usages.

How to download aadhar card by showing video:


(Note:If you need to know extra information or any doubts regarding aadhar card download please post a comment)

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