(New Method) Aadhar Details Self Update and Mobile(Phone) Number Registration Online

As an objective to collect demographic and bio-metric data of people, "unique identification authority" sorted out a unique database system to store residents address and issues a unique twelve digit number to each resident which is nothing but aadhaar card number.
whatever you are, where ever you are, and what all you posses now, your aadhar card speaks it all. every application of ours now need its mandatory company.

And now mobile  is the most used unavoidable mentor in our lives, anything we wanna do, we can use our mobile to do it. As the information collected by the officials for aadhaar card may not be correct always, sometimes we may shift places and we may want to change some information in the centralized database system, like change of address or photo etc ,government has provided some options that help us make required changes in aadhar card data base, and to be updated of stuff related to aadhaar card through our registered Phone number.

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If Mobile Number Not Registered with Aadhaar Card at time of Enrollment...Follow below steps and procedure for register your mobile(PHONE) number and if you want to update aadhar details...you can update it from online.
You can also Update your aadhar card details and Phone number registration to visit Nearest Aadhar card Enrollment Center
Go below Process online  update and other...

New Solutions for Aadhar Card Data Update and Phone Number Registration

Please Follow the Instructions and Procedure

1. Check Here Verification : Your Aadhar card have Mobile Number Registration or Not

If you will get OTP(One Time Password to your registered Phone Number)...now there is no problem you can update anything in aadhar card online.

  • b)(IF NO) If you will get Error like below( Your mobile number not registered with aadhar card)

Check Here Verification
Now your phone number not registered with aadhar card
If your phone number not registered with aadhaar card we have Three Solutions

Three Solutions(METHODS) are there to update aadhaar card details and register phone number

Here You Can Update any thing in AADHAR CARD

1st Method(Solution):  Visit Nearest Enrollment Center

2nd Method(Solution): Offline Sending Request Thorough Post


3rd One Latest Method (Online): Aadhaar Card Update and Register Phone Number to Aadhar Card Online

(for Mobile number registration no documents required)

Note down the URN number for feature references to check Aadhar Card Update Request Status

****whatever it may be - we have only one option for register mobile number to aadhar card i.e "Visit Nearest Aadhar Card Enrollment Center" *******  There is No other option for registering mobile number to aadhaar card and not only mobile number Photo change, Biometric, Fingerprints and Iris Scan. So please don't waste time, we have aslo done the aadhar mobile registration(using new method aadhar mobile number update) online, but right now that service not available, when the aadhar mobile nubmer registration service available, (FREE ONLINE SEVA) we will provide(display) that service in our website - Thank You


  1. I have not registered my mobile number yet. could you please help me in registering the mobile number with the my aadhaar card

  2. when I follow instruction and click on the send OTP button this error display "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again" please help.

    1. Not every time...when servers busy

  3. I have not registered my mobile number yet. could you please help me in registering the mobile number with the my aadhaar card

  4. My aadhaar card number was not linked with mobile & I had tried posting the details but even after 9 months, no update happened. I tried the site's 3rd option & it was updated in 3 days. Rs 100/- is a nominal fee for this service & I appreciate the response. I did not had to pay till the number was updated.

  5. Tried out the 3rd option today. mobile number added in minutes without any document check or hassles...kudos to the service.

    before this i had gone around to aadhar office they gave me a wait time of 20 days and the private meeseva centres were charging 300/-.

    i paid a 100/- without even stepping out of my home and mobile number added. awesome

    1. Hi, could you please help me with exact link to add the phone number.

  6. sir mera mobaile no. adhar card se registerd nahi hai pleese sir mobaile no register karne ki krapa kare my mobaili no 9125990064 my adhar no 631906190560 pleese sir yadavraviprakash1991@gmail.com

  7. When I check My mobile number link status to my aadhar no, showing no mobile is linked. I need full details about online link mobile to aadhar card. Which is explained as 3rd item above where no mobile is linked.


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