Hyderabad Traffic Fines Details

In this post, we have Given the Traffic Fines Details in Hyderabad City and we have listed Traffic Offense, Section and Minimum and Maximum Penalty

Traffic rules and regulations come up to assure the smooth flowing of motor vehicles on the road Moreover, these rules not only for the driver of the motor vehicles but also for the pedestrians, motorcyclist, cyclist and other road users. Traffic rules knowledge is very essential for the drivers and road users and it will reduce the number of accident and thus establish a healthy & organized traffic system.To drive every road user to follow the traffic rules Hyderabad traffic police following these rules strictly and issuing e-challans against Hyderabad traffic fine system to traffic rule offenders.Here you get the list of Hyderabad Traffic fines in detail.

*****Latest  New Traffic Rules 2017 Points System Started from AUG 1st, 2017 ****

Hyderabad Traffic Police Challan Fines List

The Traffic e Challan list given below it is applicable for Hyderabad City only not in Cyberabad.
Now here you can get all traffic police fines detailed list
PDF: http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in/acts/MV%20ACT.pdf
Click Here: Hyderabad Traffic Police Stations

Parking Related Traffic Fines
Parking related traffic fines hyderabad

Document Related Traffic Fines
Document related traffic fines hyderabad

Driving Related Traffic Fines
Driving Related Traffic Fines hyderabad1
Driving Related Traffic Fines hyderabad2

Road Marking Related Traffic Fines
Road Marking Related Traffic Fines hyderabad

Traffic signal, Speed and overtaking related fines Hyderabad

Traffic signal, Speed and overtaking related fines hyderabad

Traffic Police and Number Plate Related Fines
Offences                                        Section                                Maximum Penalty

Irregular Number plate      Sec 80(a) of M.V.Act         Rs. 200/- for two, three, four & Six Wheeler.

Disobeying traffic Police   Sec 132 of M.V.Act          Rs. 200/- for two, three, four & Six Wheeler
Officer in Uniform

Pollution related fines

Offences                                           Section                                        Maximum Penalty

Without PUC certificate                   Sec 190(i)         Rs. 1000/- for two, three, four & Six wheelers.

Towing related fines

Offences                                           Section                                        Maximum Penalty

Light Motor vehicle                      Sec 41(i) C.P.Act                                Rs. 300/-
Heavy Motor Vehicles                  Sec 41(i) C.P.Act                                Rs. 600/-
Two wheeler                                 Sec 41(i) C.P.Act                                Rs. 150/-
Car, jeep, taxi, Auto, Rickshaw    Sec 41(i) C.P.Act                                Rs. 200/-

Commercial Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Related Fines 

Commercial Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Related Fines
Offences                                                         Section                                 Maximum Penalty
Overloading of goods vehicles.               R.422(i) Rs. 200/- for two, three, four & Six Wheeler.

Carrying goods in a dangerous or            R.422(ii) Rs. 200/- for two, three, four & Six Wheeler.
hazardous manner.

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  1. Already we are dying with Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Excise Duties, Proffessional Taxes, Vehicle Registration fees, Toll Bridge taxes etc. Roads are in bad conditions and hence our vehicles are getting repaired. In case of rains all the roads are like rivers and again our vehicles are spoiling. Further all the above woes these traffic challans. Traffic Police are very enthusiastic to fine the vehicle owners. No parking areas for our vehicles, if we park road side, again fine. If our gross earnings are Rs.10.00 lakhs, we are paying around 7 to 8 lakhs towards the above direct and indirect taxes and fines. We are unable to tolerate the systems.

  2. yes one of the west service given in hyderabad roads

  3. Hyderabad traffic police are not good always try to collect black money frm people. Without any reason they taking photos and posting as over speed. They only not following the traffic rules n teaching us. It's shame on Hyderabad traffic police

  4. Traffic police are taking a black money from poor people even though the village people don't have money to put a petrol in their bike but they are fined by people what is this fuck.
    Kindly put a challan give a time to pau the penalty
    Traffic police taking the money n putting in his pocket.


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