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Telangana Hyderabad Traffic Police eChallan

*****Latest  New Traffic Rules New Points System Started  ****

Hyderabad or Cyberabad traffic police has launched Traffic e challan (e challan Hyderabad) which is a non-contact implementation scheme to restrain defilement’s and impose sterner road traffic self-restraint amongst the travellers.
Hyderabad or Cyderabad (for Telangana and AP State) police will create  Traffic e challans with picture proof. There are two forms of Traffic e challan. The first one is generated with Investigation Cameras, which mechanically click defilement pictures. These Traffic e challan (traffic challan Hyderabad) pictures get e printed on the Traffic e Challan itself. The second one is with Digital Cameras.

The cops will take snapshots of the defilements on the field. These Traffic e challan (traffic challan Hyderabad) pictures are kept for record purposes. The Hyderabad or Cyberabad police at the present time have kept a record of all the Traffic e challans and defilement evidence of all automobiles. One can check unresolved Traffic e challan status (traffic challan Hyderabad) on his/her motor vehicle Online.
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Now you get all the details of (e challan Hyderabad) traffic Police echallan and pay traffic e challan, check traffic e challan, check violation images and do payment online for traffic e challan. 

How to Check and Pay Hyderabad Traffic E-Challan Online?

Many people are searching how to check traffic e challan status online and how to pay Hyderabad traffic e challan (traffic challan Hyderabad) online now your query clear.

Step 1: Check and Pay Traffic echallan Online
Now you will get like this...
Select License No
Registration Number and Enter that Number
  • Click on Go
Step1: Check and Pay Traffic echallan Online
If you don't have Pending Violations  it shows "No Pending Challans" and otherwise it shows like Setp2 image

Step 2: Check and Pay Traffic e challan Online

Now you can see all the details of your traffic e challan (Image, Location, Date and Time)
Click on Click for Image to see the image
You can pay traffic e challan using any one of these 3 methods
Net Banking
If you want to pay traffic E challan online Click on Net banking

Step2: Check and Pay Traffic e challan hyderabad

Step 3: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online (Traffic Challan Hyderabad)

Before making payment check List of Banks if your bank available...
  • Click on Make Payment
Step3: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online

Step 4: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online (e challan Hyderabad)

Step 4: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online

  • Enter Email Id
  • Then Click on Payment
Now you will get like this....
Step 4(a): Pay Traffic E-Challan Online
**Please Note down the Reference Number**
  • Click on OK

Step 5: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online (e challan)

Step 5: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online

Now you can pay using Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card and Mobile Payments.
  • Select Paying option and Choose your bank
  • Click on Proceed 
Now You Will Get like this...

traffic e challan payment select option

  • Click on Pay Now

Step 6: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online (e challan)

Step 6: Pay Traffic E-Challan Online

If you chose Net Banking
  • Enter User Name and Password 

Video How to Pay HyderabadTraffic e-Challan Online:

watch this video and clear your clarifications.


  1. i have made the payment in online but receipt not generated and my reference number is70376675

  2. I have paid amoount online but receipt was not generated and not even got a mail from
    traffic site. My paid challan nos. 70406546 & 70406561.

    Please let me know that how can I collect receipt. my email id: leomnrao@gmail.com

  3. 70406546 & 70406561 challans were paid online, request to send the receipt to mail id: leomnrao@gmail.com


  5. Hi, i need receipt for IPAY/ESHP/BD/84253702 FIDB4330361233_POLICE CHALAN INR 389.58/- which was paid on 03 Mar 2016 Net Banking.

  6. Today 20th June 2016 I have paid the challan amount of Rs 135 through netbanking. But no receipt (as indicated in your demonstrated site) has been generated for my printing and records. Can you assist me to send the receipt to my e mail ID please. My TRN is 70654927. D A.Subbulakshmi

  7. I have paid e challan transaction reference number 70727854, but it came transaction failed. however, when I went to site again it came 'no pending challans'. I paid Rs. 139.60 for fine of Rs. 135/-. so please clear my doubt about payment and reassure me that I have paid. thank you.

  8. how i can get the images of vehicles which the fine is already paid through online or by any other payment format.

  9. how can i see the images of my vehicle which i was already paid penalty for the violation of traffic rules.

    1. TSChalana:-Once you paid the challan's then you won't see images...you only see before payment of chalana

  10. I am trying to pay but could not do so.


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