FSC Ration card Status application search

We all know the importance of Food Security Card/Ration card, once submitting FSC application we can not wait until government provides hard copy because in general we experience delay in customer services. It is good to check the application status or Food Security/Ration card status and having followups with authorized person this might help reaching FSC/Ration card soon. Citizens from all states can check their ration card status at its official website. Also each state launched individual website to check concern state ration card status. Here you can get process for checking all states ration card status from central authorized food security portal and New Delhi and Telangana food security card status check process at its state official website is available.

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Click Here:  FSC Application Search in New Delhi

Follow the below procedure for telangana people and other state people click here

FSC ration card status application search online

FSC means FOOD SECURITY CARDS and also called as Ration Cards

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How to check FSC Ration Card staus application search online ?

what we required for this FSC Ration card status application search ?
(any one of following below)
  • FSC Ref No (or)
  • Old Ration Card NO     (or)
  • Aadhar Card Number (this is the best way to check the fsc ration card application search because one of  your family member aadhar card number is enough)

 Step1: FSC Ration Card status application search

  •  Go to : http://epds.telangana.gov.in/FoodSecurityAct/
  •   click on FSC Search

FSC Ration card status application search image

Step2: FSC Ration card status application search

  •  Next click on FSC Applicatin Search

FSC Ration card status application search image1

 Step3: FSC Ration card status application search

  • Click on choose one and select district
  • Select whatever do you have
                   FSC Ref No
                 Old Ration Card No
                 Aadhar Card Number

FSC Ration card status application search image3

  • And enter selected number
  • Then click on Search

FSC Ration card status application search image4

Now You will get FSC Ration Card Status.

Watch this video you can easily understand how to check Ration card Status (FSC application search)

 (Note:If you need to know extra information or any doubts regarding 'FSC Ration Card status application' (FSC Card) please post a comment)

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  1. I have Two ration card already at my home they r saying this is not verified again nd again i apply for new ration card but they r not giving response to me...how to do now.....


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