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Ration card is prime document in order to avail subsidized raw food items and fuel at Fair Price Shops.Hence it is important to have this document to get this service at affordable price.In general once applying for Ration card it would take around one month to receive the original ration card.In availing ration card or in utilizing service from fair price shops it is quite natural to have concerns.
If you are experiencing any of the following problems you can raise a ration card complaint against it to the customer care online who will give complete guide lines and resolve your issue soon.
Applied for ration card online, after few days while checking stats showing no data found.
Found one of the members removed in FSC, submitted proof to include still not reflected.
Ration card applied for family but received FSC showing only few.
One of your family members not listed in your FSC, appearing in unknown person FSC.
Shifted to different Fair Price Shop having issues to get subsidized food and fuel.
Applied long back from Ration card still found no status.

Ration card (Food Security Cards) complaint and Consumer Complaints in online

Apart from these if you have any issues related to Ration card and Service you can call on customer care number which is totally free of cost with the helping service. Each state has its own toll free number or customer care number to serve the customer in resolving issues.
Customer care is the one who has the right information to all your queries also has the authority to solve your Ration Card complaints.The below are the contact numbers against each state ration card customer care now you can call to get your problem solved at zero cost.
Toll Free National Consumer Number
Toll Free National Consumer Customer Care Number  1600-11-4000
Ration Card Customer Care Helpline Numbers
Andhra Pradesh  1800-425-2977/0082
Telangana 1967 and 180042500333
Bangalore 1800-425-9339
Delhi  1800-11-0841
Odisha 1800-345-6724/60
Gujarat 1800-233-0222/5500
Haryana - 1800-11-0841 1800-180-2090
1800-200-2530/1076(BSNL) 91-471-1076

Goa 1800-233-0022

State Wise Ration card Complaints and procedure in online

How to Complaint about Ration Card?

Here you select your state and here we provided how to complaint on ration card state wise.

Now we have a chance to complaint about ration card in online few states .


  1. Dera Sir, In the recent cards verification my ration card WAP1583401A0549 moves from kattedan ration shop to madhuban colony FP SHOP No: 1583629 and it is approved by MRO . But theFP SHOP No: 1583629 P,SARITHA SAYS WE DIDN'T RECEIVE your name where as in oline it showing approved . so please rectify the problem. Regards, Y.VINAY KUMAR , 9030065732

    Application Status: Approved by MRO
    Application No: 869 SKS Form No: Office Name : CIRCLE-III(SAROORNAGAR) FPShop No : 1583629
    Head of the Family: Madavelli Pushpa Mobile No: 9296559700 House No: L I G 292 Address: L I G 292, Padmashali Puram, Madhuban Colony, Ward-22(V)
    Gas Connection: Single Consumer No: 610672 KeyRegister Sl.No: 0(1583629) New Ration Card No : 365370801747

  2. i just submitted my ration card application form to my nearest ration card shop after 1 month i am checking my ration card status it is saying that data not found.please tell me the exact reason whether the application got missed or what???reply me back please

  3. i applied to ration card after 1 month i am checking the status in online it is saying that data not found. can i known the reason for data not found means???
    my aadhar details are num-222170779130 name-Dhivya T

  4. My Ration Card:365390206675, Received ration for two months to all the peoples who are in the Ration Card List.But Suddenly removed 3 names from the list,we asked MRO office,they asked me to Submit Proof again and we submitted but still not reflected

    1. Same problem with me my bro name is removed from old new rashion card from old i have submitted my bro aadhar card proof 2 times. but problem is still they saying me to submit again is this rule workin in food department it from 1years ago. I have no more time and money to wastw in this plz ans. My problem

  5. My Ration Card:365320024481and my old ration card:WAP1903004A0152Received ration for two months to all the peoples who are in the Ration Card List.But Suddenly removed 3 names from the list,we asked MRO office,they asked me to Submit Proof again and we submitted but still not reflected

    1. again contact MRO Office

  6. My New Ration Card No : 365390928676, my family members are 4 but in ration card mentioned 3 members, so many times went to MRO office and submitted fourth member details like bith certificate, adhaar card and etc. but still not updated the ration card and not giving the ration also.

  7. My father name is included in other ration card as family member in hyderabad chandrayangutta area. The ration number is:365360158266.my father aadhar number is:808001261177

  8. where is the FP shop NO.1585085...can you tell me address of the FP SHop ???

  9. New Ration Card No :365400583142
    FSC Reference No. :IFK275261956306
    Head of the Family:Mende LAVANYA
    Mende Ramu
    last 6 months my dealer not given to ration, so many time i am given a complaint to him, but told me, you need to ask M.R.O. help me.9177890806

    APPLICANT NAME:Rajashree Lenka
    STATUS:Suspect 4,Govt. Employee
    Dear sir
    My application is suspected 4 govt gove.employee,my family member is not govt employee,my family income monthly Rs.3000/-There fore i requesting you kindly add my name of ration card list
    Thanking you
    Rajashree Lenka
    w/o-Kartik ch. Lenka
    Mobile no-:7873296891
    FORM NO-:2121

  11. Dear Sir,
    I am santalal sharma Village rohipur Post Dingarapur Distirict Basti UP Pin 272301. In our Gram Panchayat New Rasan Card work in progress but our Kotedar Mr. Ghamadi singh is telling to Rs.800/-only deposit fee for New Rasan Card. I want to know what is the Government is taking Rs.800/-rupees fees for New Rasan Card. If not then waht is the action against them abut this?

  12. sir my name is swathi one mnth befre i submitted my applinatn in circle 4 nampally for freash card my husband akshay kumar tiwari adhar 365560158451 from old card removed on 6th of jan2016 but til now no card issued freash card plz provide my adhar 560507639651. thanking you

  13. Dear Swathi if are belonging from UP then forget to your ration card, because there is no any rule regulation everybody (Government employee) is free for his style work, they are not public work, they are only for his work and his pocket work, there is only jungle raj.

  14. Sir, Hamare mishripur mein log rashan card form Rs.5 ka bech rahe hain jabki us form ki keemat 4 hain aur agar koi apne paas se form ki photo copy karata hai to wo kehte hain ki ye form sahi nahi hain aur apne paas se hi form dete hain jabki unka form bhi waisa hi hai jaisa kahin aur se lete hain aur sarkari kaam 10 12 year ke bachche kar rahe hain sir pls iska kuch kariye.

  15. Satyam ji aapse to Rs.4/- ke form ka Rs.5/- hi le rahe h, yaha to 100-800/- tak fees le rahe h n adene per saf saf khula kahte h tumahara Ration card kabhi banega jao jo karna h kar lena. Ham to injar kar rahe h us acche din kan job logo me kuchh dar hoga saram to h nahi

  16. My name is CH. Ravi kumar son of CH Jwalapathi resident of 4-35-29, Venkateswaranagar, Jagathgirigutta, Hyderabad-500037, Telangana state.My name got deleted from our Ration Card:365371069447 FMS Ref no: FMS508799781542 and My Adhar No:662475084865 EID: 1111152880201720110609155602. But according to Ration card portal it is showing duplicate EID exists in Andhrapradesh. When we checked in AP Ration card portal we found the Ration card:RAP138200539534 of Kurnool district in which there is a person by name Ch Ravi kumar (s/o M.Siva Ramudu) with 1 year of age. And UID number:662475084865 EID:1111152880201720110609155602. How can there will be two persons.Please check on this.Even by checking last digits in EID 20110609155602 it shows Aadhar taken on 09/06/2011 Time:15:56:02.But how can the Ration card in AP :RAP138200539534 showing Ch Ravikumar with 1 year age with this Aadhar number. Kindly check on this and my name in Ration card :365371069447 in Telangana state

  17. Sir, I am from subhash nagar, shuklaganj (unnao)
    A gov quota shop holder named Ravi shankar shukla not running his quota shop.His bro chhunu shukla running shop and behaving very rudely to everyone who are coming for ration because he don't want that anyone come and take his ration so that he can sell ration to others..please take proper action against him...

  18. Sir my ration dealer no is fp 0481004.but I could not find ds shop we're located in rajahmundry .andrapradesh

  19. Dear sir,

    My Ration card no JAP103500200032 issued in the month of feb2016.

    we are 4 members in the family but in the system which is showing only my daughter name aged 8 years,other 3 members are not visible in online.

    Finger print of my daughter not accepting,so the dealer not giving ration, I have been giving complaint to VRO regarding this and submited photocopies many times, but the problem is same.

    Could any one help me how to add all my family numbers.

    Thanks & Regards,

  20. Dear sir,
    na ration card entaku mundu karimnagar lo undi,,,, system problam valla na ration card nalagonda dist lo ki vellindi akkada cancel cheste karimnagar lo ration card esta antunnaru na problam ela salv avutundi cheppandi sir na aadhaar num 820461599334

  21. I applied for NEW RATION CARD on 23.04.2015. Till no I do not get. Whem I am checking the status of the Ration Card through online , it is saying ata not found.
    Regn.No. 63749/C31
    Aadhaar No. 551884359846.
    So it is request that please take an action very early as possible.

  22. Dear Sir,

    My brother has applied for ration card and his form number is :17020611027. He has a thatched house have two small rooms which is made of mud.

    Moreover he does not have a job and got severe accident two months ago and bed ridden. However the status of the ration card shows that he is Ineligible for ration card due to possessing a Concrete House with 3 Rooms.

    The Concrete House with 3 Rooms belongs to me and I live in Chennai. I know that I am ineligible and thus never applied for a ration card.

    At least it is a courtesy of the Inquiry Team to ask right questions and take right information before taking such decision. I am not sure the process of feedback and inquiry but I see a clear inefficiency in this process of allotting ration card.

    I appeal here to take this seriously as many other eligible people are not getting the ration card but the ineligible get the card !!! I have noticed the same in my area itself, however not bothered about the ration card allotment process to genuine ineligible people.

    Also I appeal here to inquire the above case and guide me to help my brother to get a ration card. Else please provide the escalation contact to speak or work with them to get it done.

    I am waiting and sure that I will get a response quickly.

    My Name: Hara Prasad Das
    Cell # 9840867985
    e-mail: harainindia@gmail.com

    My Brother's details who has not received the ration card is provided below:

    Form # for ration card: 17020611027
    Name: Deba Prasad Das
    Plot No/Qtr No(for ULBs) :2072
    Village/Area :CHATARACHAKADA
    Block/ULB (City) :DERABISH
    District :KENDRAPARA
    State :Odisha
    Pincode :754250

    Hara Prasad Das
    Cell # 9840867985
    e-mail: harainindia@gmail.com

  23. Dear, sir/madam
    my name is bhuvaneshwar
    i want to new ration card
    please request to kindly to you but wanted new ration card
    cell No.812594125,9291211474
    how many applied to ration office his conducted new ration card
    when will give the ration card
    please take that complaints ration office in goshamahal, nampally,near exhibition ground,hyderabad, telangana
    nameste telangana - 5000


  25. hello
    please request to food security card application
    new ration card applied to meeseva
    ration office near reciept new FSC receipt submitted
    online checking but not found on requested online food security card
    i will application given on ration office
    later one year over how many applied
    take please request to conducted FSC Office
    Please I want to new ration Card
    Contact No.9291211474,,8125941258
    Pin code. 500006

  26. We have three members in our family were not getting ration and not getting food security card till date. Please do the needful.

  27. m not getting my name in the ration card list of mAa tarini mahila mandal,ghatsila,east singhbhum,jharkhand..whts happening? do the neceesary steps..i want it ..plzz try n understand..thanku so much

  28. hey i am a citizen of delhi i have a bpl ration card and the distributer of my card is very cheap and senseless there is no any sense how to talk children and older and also he give extra money to the people and submit wrong sattement in your diary and also black the rest of food
    fps no 7892
    rajasthan store
    kindly u take a neccesary step thank you

  29. Kya centre

    govt employer ko ration card lagu h.

  30. where is the FP shop NO.2352042...can you tell me address of the FP SHop ???

  31. I am from assam, data showing that data not found. What is the reason between it,

  32. I have applied for new ration card in april 2016 (APPLICATION FOR NEW FOOD SECURITY CARD) has been entered vide Application No:(FSC021600329391) Till now there is not updation or verified kindly let me know y????????

  33. I have applied for new ration card in march 2016 (APPLICATION FOR NEW FOOD SECURITY CARD) has been entered vide Application No:(FSC0216001704) Till now there is not updation or verified kindly let me know.sir I'm very poor family please issued my ration card.

  34. dear sir,
    i am praveen kumar and my ration card number is 365360794037. we are not getting rice or any other products every month. our ration dealer circle is 8. and fp shop 844. there is no time to open shop. every month 6 to 7 times visting to this dealer for ration. mesurement is also fruad, actually i get 24 kgs of rice but when i check it with another wheighing machine to showing 20 kgs. pls help me to change my ration dealer to other place.

  35. Dear,
    This is India, Indian Government employee and Government supporter
    like ration dealer is to much poor, so if you can donate something for
    them I think that is better.

  36. Julepalli ( V&P ) GOSPADU ( M ) Kurnool ( Dist )
    Ration dealer name Reddy S
    SUJATHA. ..
    In this store every month some reason telling....no rice ...no oil these kind of thing doing ...

  37. Reshon cards taken in fake address pls check in Bangalore lakxminarayan pura 560021

  38. Dear sir,

    My Ration card no 365360072958 issued in the month of feb2016. operation card no.WAP1671189A0331.FPshop.1671189
    H.no.16-11-476/65 indiranagar moosarambagh Hyderabad 500036.
    we are 4 members in the family but My health problem.we are going in my village chandra visit nalogonda.last 3 months ration not drawn rejected my card. please kindly add Ration card

    Thanks & Regards,. Ph.9959071698 9603873619

  39. Hello Team,

    Hi all, one of middle class person holding a ration card (KL-026729). I have to make a complaint against the shopkeeper who distributes ration in our location.

    From last 3 months we are not getting sufficient ration that is Wheat & Rice which we are suppose to get, and from many years we are not getting Sugar. Every time when we ask the shopkeeper about the ration he use to say that they are not getting enough ration from Government. Also I have seen him distributing ration to other people in Black, though they don't have ration card and also he would charge him higher from ration in Black.

    I have many people who wants to complaint about him as he is the only shopkeeper who is distributing less ration, we also have other distributor who are serving better to their consumer and evenly distributing ration to every one.

    Our shopkeeper blames the authorities who lend him ration from Godown for distribution. He says that the Godown authorities eats up the ration and provides him less and ask him to distribute less ration to consumer.

    I don't want to blame anyone however I hope you understand, we are from middle class family also there are many other poor families who hardly gets food for their living. We are dependent on the ration that we get. If this is going to happen then the ration is of no use. Then why government is providing us ration, else they can keep the ration for themselves.

    If consumer has to suffer for this there is no need of giving ration as sympathy. In all these, we as consumers are penalized. WE are getting half ratio then what we use to get before.

    Please look into this. I will attach the consumer details who all are suffering from these and wanted to complaint.

    I hope you will help us and take necessary actions against the person who is doing this.

    Awaiting for your reply!!!!!

    Thank you.

  40. Sir, mere pas yellow card h Jbki hamre yha koi aisi suwidha nhi h Jo honi chahiye yellow card dharak k pas , I need red card

  41. My 4 liters of gas but are not gave.
    Fsc shop no. 514

  42. sir. new Ration card registaion kab se ho ga

  43. Ill applied rashion card member deltation date11:11:17 but not deleted my name. name is KAMIREDDY Hemanth Kumar rashion card number wap09283600066 plse tell me that details

  44. I'll applied rashion card member deltation but not deleted my name.name TEEYABINDI KAVYA my rashion card number RAP098208536401 please delete my name please help meeeeee

  45. Sir
    Myself TEEYABINDI KAVYA Rashion Card number RAP098208536401. am applied for RASHION CARD MEMBER DELTATION but not deleted my name in rashion card
    Application Id : RC5501711384398
    Rationcard Number: RAP098208536401 view
    Meeseva App No :RCMAD011700334792
    Applied Date : 2017-11-14
    Action Date : 2017-11-14
    Application status :Pending
    Pending With : insp1_0925
    Remarks : NA


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