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Telangana Ration Card Consumer Complaints

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Government of Telangana provided Complaint Registration in online about Ration Complaint, L.P.G Complaint, F.P.Shop, Rice Trader Complaints and other.

Ration cards are intended to provide essential subsidized commodities to below poverty line, above the poverty line and Antyodaya families hence it is helpful to save money through procurement of essential commodities at a subsidized rate. And we know a copy of ration card is used as a proof of identification in the process of applying of sim card, bank account and Domicile Certificate etc. It is quite natural we may experience a delay in availing original ration card once we have done the process of ration card enrollment, Fair Price Shops need to be dutiful if not the ration card holders might not get raw food items and fuel intended to provide them likewise we experience same issues from rice traders and L.P.G distributes. Resan card customer care number.

Telangana Ration card (FSC) complaint and Consumer Complaints in online

Free Online Seva helps to you How to complain about Ration Card, Consumer complaints on Ration Card and Government of Telangana provided Ration Card complaints in online.
Are you facing problem in receiving original ration card or from Fair Price Shops, L.P.G, Rice Traders? For you to solve your concerns Government of Telangana taking complaints online from its official website. you can register a complaint with any of the following subjects.
F.P. Shop
Rice Trader
Ration Card
Any other concerns 
Once have a glance at below snapshots to get the process to raise a complaint.
Toll-Free Numbers for consumer helpline services
 1967 and 180042500333

How to Complaint about Ration Card?

Now we have a chance to complain about the ration card online.

  • Go to:
  • Fill the complaint Registration form
  • Click on submit

Step1: Ration Card Complaint

  • Go to the above website then you will get.....
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  • Fill up the details and Write your complaint

Step2: Ration Card Complaint

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  • Select Nature of Complaint
  • Give Location Details
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  1. My name is CH. Ravi kumar son of CH Jwalapathi resident of 4-35-29, Venkateswaranagar, Jagathgirigutta, Hyderabad-500037, Telangana state.My name got deleted from our Ration Card:365371069447 FMS Ref no: FMS508799781542 and My Aadhar No:662475084865 EID: 1111152880201720110609155602. My age is 32 years. But according to Ration card portal it is showing duplicate EID exists in Andhrapradesh. When we checked in AP Ration card portal we found the Ration card:RAP138200539534 of Kurnool district in which there is a person by name Ch Ravi kumar (s/o M.Siva Ramudu) with 1 year of age. And UID number:662475084865 EID:1111152880201720110609155602. How can there will be two persons.Please check on this.Even by checking last digits in EID 20110609155602 it shows Aadhar taken on 09/06/2011 Time:15:56:02.But how can the Ration card in AP :RAP138200539534 showing Ch Ravikumar with 1 year age with this Aadhar number. Kindly check on this and include my name in Ration card :365371069447 in Telangana state. Also please verify the details of Ch Ravi kumar (1 year age) in Ration card RAP138200539534 by checking his Aadhar card as this is Fake.

  2. Sir my ration shop no is down iam not getting the given goods. Instead of this the dealer is giving rin soap salt packet vermicelli packets vim bar and taking MRP rate 245 for all but this message is generating after taking the goods.plz take action.

    FP Shop No: 1582122
    Date: 04/06/16 10:43:10

  3. My name is Omana Varghese w/o Varghese Joseph,resident of 6-374, Plot No:19,MLR Colony Road No:3,Saroornagar, Hyderabad-500097, Telangana state.My Ration Card No: 365370284196 and My Aadhar No:678216525359. My shopNo; 1515017, Badampet.
    Today 21st july, I went to shop for getting rice. They are saying Time is over, after 15th they are not giving rice. they kept half room full of rice and not giving to any one,
    There for I request to you please take action against this kind of shopwala.
    Thanking You.
    Omana varghese.

  4. Sir
    My ration dealer Mr. Sinkesh was talking unparlamentary language for not getting minimum billing of 200 rupees.
    The rates are too high comparing General store.
    He says that if we not receiving the ration with minimum billing of 200 rupees he will deactivate my ration card permanennly.

    As we kindly request you to please take action to my concerned ration shop

    Shop no.3384225(Vinayak Nagar_QUTHBULLAPUR)

    My card no.365371143281

    Thakkng you sir

    Yours faithfully

  5. I am G AshokNaik, i was applied for my missng name through me seva, mro sir is approved my name but ration is not provide me.I meet mro officethey told contact dso office i am meeet two times so sir/madam busy,my details is 928538051354 &369300023112. Please verify and solve ASAP. any queries contact me. 8247515960.

  6. Earlier my parents were lived in Hyd. now my parents are shifed to Village with my grandmother in the village Nandigama, Mondal maddur, dist mahabubnagar.3 people are in the same one rationcard(365381184808). but the dealer is giving the ration to only two people. For my father is not giving the ration. in the Thumb mission showing only two members. In the Food Security Portal showing all 3 members in the same card and same district. then why they are not giving. where is problem. delear is asking to get the clearance letter from hyderabad ration main office/MRO. but they are telling there is no more tation details its cleared and they are not giving any letter. please help me on this. Thanks,Sampath,Mob: 08019991018

  7. FP SHOP NO.209.The lady in the ration shop is forcing to take items for more than ₹300 else refusing to give any items.Also,there is no bill provided for items bought. Message sent to the mobile for items which are not bought. People are being fooled and there is no necessary action taken by any concerned authority. Appreciate if someone can look into this matter and take necessary actions at the earliest.

    FP SHOP NO.209
    Devi Nagar, Neredmet(V), near RK Puram Rythu Bazar

    1. Yes sir same here in Hyderabad, Kukatpally ,jagadhgiri Gutta in this ration shop the dealer was forcing to purchase Thoordal,Moong dal, oil packet,papad packet without purchasing these items they are not Given Rice please take action sir this is my contact number 9346136600

  8. Dear sir,
    i sm ashanker damavarapu FP SHOP NO 511 CIRCLE V. They are always close the shop. They Work as per their timing not as per Gov timing. When they are open there will be some server issue or ration no ration available. and more over they Give some OIL packet papad, chaipatti, salt which is must to buy without that they wont give rice. and the behavior is very rude. Kindly help us.

    SHOP no 511 Circle V langer house.
    My name is shanker 9700010031

  9. which number gov provided toll free its the hole day busy aether first rang the phone then they are put on busy tone how can public react to government.

  10. Dear Sir,

    My name is MD.Sharief.Shop no.179 he will open the Shop 6 pm 8pm.
    In month 10th to 15th.

  11. Every month repeatedly same.

  12. Today I went anathor shop. No.218. his name mr.Srinivas. He is telling if you want 12 kg Rice, than you have to purchase,min Rs.250/-
    Otherwise you don't come to my Shop.

  13. Dear sir,
    My name is Ramesh lolam and my wife name is lolam saritha I have applyied in mee seva in 2016 regarding the ration card about my name and my wife name.then approved only my name and my wife name not approved it's showing deleted as magrited my wife name. after that my name also deleted please need your help to fix this issue.i go to mee seva again for apply new card then it's showing fsc number -fsc021600569105.
    Then I tell him to add member but showing same thing as fsc number .
    Ration card number 369320214506.
    My aadar card number -298672846071.
    My wife aadaar card number -954860757640.
    Please fix this issue iam facing this problem since 2016.
    Application number AEK429278918673,
    After deleted both my names in ration card then showing in mee save pleSe check i hope you understand my situation.

  14. Dear Talangana govt please issue my Ration card, i have applied one year 25/05/2018 back but till now not issued this is one example can say how govt is working today 20/03/2019 check the status still its showing inspector pending..

    1. I'm facing same issue...
      how the Telangana Govt working..! It's very Bad.

  15. My query is I applied new ration card 11-2-2019 after two month my status is rejected ASO why reason is not mentioned enquiry inspected submitted all documents meeseva FSC021901994410 pleas issue my card telangana gov.

    1. Once communicate with your R.I(Revenue Inspector)

    2. Sir my name is ahanakr ravi mundal nampallu sir ration delar not given 15 kg rise so plese take the action delar address chudi bazar name sitya

  16. My query is I applied new ration card 04-04-2018 but till now my status is pending at DSO.I have went many times to dso office they told me every time site is off from hyderabad office nearly they told me same since last two months.My Question is if site is off from headoffice then why DSO office open and why they get their salaries on time.Dont be foolish people for 100 or 500 notes.Corrution is main thing in government employees.without corruption even they or not issue small certificate.Shame to say we are republic indians.My meeeseva FSC021800946226 pleas issue my card telangana gov.

  17. I applied to ration card on 24-04-2019,But till it showing status is Pending at DSO..My Mee seva application no-FSC021902335016.Pls issue my Ration card

  18. Sir,
    My ration dealer U.Ramesh taking unparlamentary language for not getting minimum billing of 200 rupees.
    He is not giving respect to any people he is talking very rude.if we ask any price related question he is telling that you don't know this then why you are coming to take commodities.
    The rates are too high comparing General store.
    He says that if we not receiving the ration with minimum billing of 200 rupees he will deactivate my ration card permanennly.

    As we kindly request you to please take action to my concerned ration shop.

    Shop number-3384131
    Circle number- jagathgiri gutta balanagar 1.

  19. still not updated rationcard
    Applied Date-2019-08-10 12:43:50 Application Status
    1 FSC021902469436 FSC Kalluru 2232013 New Card 2019-08-10 12:43:50.076722 status- Pending at INSPECTOR

  20. మాకు తెలంగాణలో రేషన్ కార్డు ఉన్నది కాబట్టి నేను ప్రజెంట్ ఏపీ లో ఉన్నాను ఇక్కడ ఇక్కడ రేషన్ ఇవ్వడం లేదు అసలు one indian నేషన్ కార్డు అమల్లో ఉందా లేదా, covid19 దెబ్బకే అక్కడికి వెళ్ళడానికి వీలు లేదు ఎవరు ఎలా బతకాలి 9949498141

  21. Sir/Madam

    I applied for new food security card in the month of july 2018. MY APPLICATION NO FSC021801399257
    every month i am rounding to office at begumpet 8, the office people telling your application is pending at MRO office,
    Sir please we are suffering hear for food dont have job right now, in the scheme of carona virus please passed my raction card.

    Sir please look in to my matter and solve my problem as soon .

    Thanks & Regards


    1. Ram Naik
      5:11 PM (24 minutes ago)
      to commr_cs, dcsombad

      Dear sir,

      My Name is BHUKYA RAMU, I have applied for the T-RATION Card it has been Date:(18-07-2018) Successfully.and i am still waiting for the T-RATION Card for 2 years above, right now Pending at DSO please verify the details and pass the Ration card.
      Now covid -19 pandemic situation did not give any govt grocery items and we are 4members (small childrens) how to survival in this time please think once and one more two days back ST entrepreneurship notification released the state govt of Telangana they are asking the RATION CARD details. please release the ration card and i hope eligibility for the entrepreneurship opportunity.

      Am mailing and i contacted the toll free numbers so many times but didn't get the response
      Please let me know the inputs on this as soon as possible.

      Meeseva application no:FSC021801447805

  22. sir I have old Ration Card They are not giving Ration in the shop saying that your card is Blocked and go to head office but all offices are iam facing lot of problem pls help me

  23. Sir/Madam

    I applied for new food security card in the month of 9th August 2018. MY APPLICATION NO FSC021801590504
    every month i am rounding to office at Rajender nagar, the office people telling your application is pending at DSO officer,
    Sir please we are suffering hear for food dont have job right now, in the scheme of carona virus please passed my raction card.

    Sir please look in to my matter and solve my problem as soon .

    Thanks & Regards
    A. REKHA

  24. F.P SHOP NO 3302003





  25. I have applied in 2018 for deletion name in ration still has not done till noe
    What I have to do
    I have married

  26. మా విల్లెజ్ లో రేషన్ డీలర్ దర్జాగా వెయిట్ మెషిన్ పై కాలి సంచి వేసి కెజినరా బియ్యం తక్కువగా ఇస్తాడు దీనిపై ఎవరికీ పిర్యాదు చేయాలి

    1. 1967 and 180042500333

    2. Which village, mandal, District and shop number

  27. I am an ration consumer in kandi village near sangareddy, Telangana...our Village ration dealer K.yadamma shop no.3709010 opens shop only 4-5 days in first 20 days of a month and if we ask the reason she said no rations available, stock has been finished.....

    also another dealer name : ramulu in kandi use informal language against consumers......

    kindly look after the issues,Thankyou.

    your obedient consumer.

  28. Ration shop no 387, NR no 890 in JP nagar, Miyapur, Hyderabad dealer is forcibly demanding to purchase of other items and taking 300/-. If not, refused to give rice and using bad words on customers.


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