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Telangana Ration Card BPL APL AAY Online Application

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The new state Telangana is the division part of Andhra Pradesh. The Hyderabad will be the capital of both states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for upcoming next ten years. Because the Hyderabad come under the border of newly formed state of Telangana so the govt will form a committee of experts which will suggest new capital name of Andhra Pradesh within the 45 days of formation. The governor of both of state will be the same also. The both of state have same two major rivers Krishna and Godavari. The both of rivers water will be distributed in these two states. It would set up a council to oversee the government. The Polavaram irrigation project will be declared as the national project. The central government would control it. Right now the AP state has 42 lok sabha seats. After the formation of Telangana state AP has left with 25 seats. The rest will goes to the new state. Similarly the assembly seats will be divided. Right now total 294 seats comes under the AP assembly. After the formation of new state the Andhra Pradesh will have only 175 seats and other 119 assembly seats comes under the Telangana state.

In the public or private education institutions will keep the same quota system to get admission for upcoming next ten years. The high court will remain at Hyderabad for both of state. A separate court will be made later. Any transaction between the two states on both sides of the dispute and its resolution through agreement will be valid. Ten districts will be given to the new state from the present Andhra Pradesh. If both states will not compromise between each other the central will occupy it and will consult with the comptroller and auditor general. The security forces will be divided into two states after the advice on the particular state. 13th Finance Commission recommendations and other requirements in terms of the population will apply to both states. The AP state’s Hyderabad, Adilabad, Khammam, Karimnagar, Mahabubnagar, frog, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Ranga Reddy and Warangal districts will be part of Telangana. The Telangana state border will touch to AP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Orissa.

The new state govt is also planning to bauble the budget allocated to the health care and public health services. The government doubled its budget allocated to the health sector is currently planned. Two per cent of the State budget for health is allocated right now. Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in the newly created state because the state has decided to reform the health sector, 85 per cent of the population is dependent on it. Because the peoples have to travel about 200 km for good treatment Hyderabad and the CM also has announced to establish the branches in ever district of Hyderabad Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS). Each divisional and taluka headquarters will open in a primary health center and hospital. The government will encourage private investment. There is better ability to grow in Hyderabad. This area has the potential to become the hub of medical tourism. Telangana pharma production contributes one-third part of the country.

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 How to Get Ration Card in Telangana State

The ration card facility right now provided through the same process as the AP Civil Supplies Department and citizen comes under the new state Telangana also have given the service to get it through the mee seva center. See the below mentioned complete information regarding to the ration card of new state by both of ways (meeseva / apcivilsupplies):

Types of Ration Card:

Ration card is most important document not only to get the food grain even it works as the identification proof of holder person. This shows all details about card holder's family with there profession and age / relation. There are three types of Ration card has provided bye the Telangana FCS (Food and Civil Supplies Department) first is BPL second is APL and third is AAY. 

@> BPL - The BPL card has given to those families who are living there life in poverty. BPL also known as the name of Below Poverty Line and the holder can get food grain with the BPL card in low price at Telangana state. In food grains rice, wheat, kerosene and sugar is available to BPL families from FPS (fair price shops). Apart from the food grain facility the BPL card holder families of new state have given various other services bye the govt and non govt organizations. The BPL families can get loan for home and education in low interest rate. Students are also given various type of reservation in seats and fees relaxation at the time of admission. Along with this the BPL family students are able to get various scholarships. These cards have been given white color to poor family.

@> APL - The APL card facility is given to the families who are living above of poor family. Through APL card the holder family is not able to get some goods from FPS (fair price shop). These family commonly lives in town area and works in any govt or non govt firm. The student belongs to APL family in Telangana state is not eligible to get any govt or non govt services. The new formed government of state will provide some extra benefits for limited time duration. These cards made in white color by the FPS. The family having these types of card will have to pay some more money then the BPL card holders to get the food grain through the shop.

@> AAY - The AAY card has given to those families who live below to BPL poverty line families. This card comes with the red / pink color which provides lot’s of benefits to the holder family. The holder family will have to pay more less money then the BPL card holders to get the food grains through the fair price shop in Telangana state. With the AAY card (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) not only used to provide the food grains apart from this it has provided various government and non government welfare scheme. The card holder families students can get the scholarships and loans for their study through state govt. The family has also given the loan facility to make their own house.

Apply for Ration Card –
The official portal of has given the facility to get the application form of ration card in Telangana state. The citizens can visit to the official portal of department and can submit their request through downloading the application form online. The civil supplies dept also has given the toll free consumer care service via the 1967 number.

In the other hand the mee seva online portal made their two sections in home page, first for the Andhra Pradesh state and second for the Telangana state. The meeseva works to make the communication bridge between the government and common citizen. The department had established their own mee seva centers which also known as CSC (Common Service Center / Citizen Service Center). See the below given step by step process to get the ration card application from and filling process along with the required documents and submission process.

@> Click to the below given page to reach in meeseva portal of Telangana section. You also can visit to the official website of / where first you have to click on the mee seva government of Telangana option. This will send you in new section and part which has only made for newly formed state. 

FSC Ration Card image

Here on the home page you can see the option of Mee Seva Service Forms which will send you in the below given page. Click to the below home page to reach on the service section. Here you have to find the Civil Supplies department option in the application forms section as mentioned image.

FSC Ration Card image1

Now you can see the PDF file of application form to get the ration card in state. Here click on the download option and fill this with the following mentioned information. You can take printout with the extra copies so in case of mistake you can use other form.

FSC ration card image2

1. Give information of the household as mentioned below:
Select the ration card first for which you need (APL / BPL / AAY / AAP)
Fill UID number and name of family head person with local language.
Fill mother’s and father’s name in English and local language both.
Give details of spouse’s name with date of birth and age.

2. Give information of the profession for household person:
Fill the occupation details for head person of family.
Fill the annual income details according to the certificate.

3. Give information of gas connection with the name of household person:
Select the gas connection status from deepam, double, single or no cylinder.
Write the gas company name along with the gas agency name in next section.
Write your complete consumer number according to mentioned on ration card.

4. Give information of residence / permanent address:
First fill the door number and locality for both types.
Give district, mandal and village information in next.
Now write the fair price shop number with pin code.

5. Give information of family members and others:
Write the name and gender along with their age and father’s / mother’s name here.
Fill their UID number and relationship details with the head person of family in next.
Fill old ration card number (if any) and give complete details of other memebers

6. After getting and filling the application form visit to the nearest meeseva center with complete documents for head person address proof, age proof and affidavit. Applicant also needs to carry other all supporting documents for other family members. The list of all mee seva centers of Telangana state is given through the below given link. If you need any departmental person’s help then make your call in 1100 or send your mail in

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  1. where can i submit the filled Ration card form...??? Please help...


  3. can we submit through online i.e.,our-self can we make ration card online,without going to mee-seva centers.

  4. Ive now been told that ration cards are no longer issued. Is this correct ?

  5. Is ration card effect the pension of ex-serviceman who have not his ration card.

  6. submit through online i.e.,our-self can we make ration card online,without going to mee-seva centers.

  7. I have applied for new ration card @ meeseva centre in april 2016 but till now there is no update or verified kindly tell me how can i get ration card???

  8. I submitted my rations card application to my local rations supply shop on month of march but till today no response from Rationing office, Syed abdul Lateef jaffri 20-5-380/2, shakker gunj, sha ali banda hyderabad

  9. I submitted my rations card application to my local rations supply shop on month of march but till today no response from Rationing office, Syed abdul Lateef jaffri 20-5-380/2, shakker gunj, sha ali banda hyderabad


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