Latest - New Traffic Rules in Hyderabad

As traffic rules violators increasing day by day the Government has been decided to change traffic rules, traffic rules might be more strict now. Despite of CC surveillance cameras, signal jumping wrong route driving still continuing as they have less fine. Hence Government launched new rules, if a person breaks the rules several times the license will be revoked. In addition to penalty for a breach of the rules now government decided to impose some restrictions. These are in the form of points and intends to declare a maximum of 12 points. Government set new rules for violation of traffic rules that, 2 points for single jumping, 5 points for wrong rout driving, driving without helmet considered 3 points, travelling without driving license and vehicle related documents leads to 3 points. The Government has been decided to cancel license for one year and issue the license after 12 months if one crosses the 12 points. Second time crossing 12 points leads to 5 years driving license cancellation. If the similar situation continues third time the government set a rule to cancel driving license for life time. There is a chance to implementation of new rules after greater elections.

As it is clear that driving license will be canceled once crossing 12 points, make sure that you are not violating traffic rules. We all know the importance of driving license, in our day to day life reaching office or destinations in own vehicles is time saving and more comfort way hence it is important to stop driving license cancellation by following traffic rules. From today while you are in driving make sure that you are wearing helmet, not jumping signals, not driving in wrong rout, driving license and vehicle related documents are with you.

latest traffic rules


  1. First implement this rule to all Govt Dept including police Dept then follow strict rules ..

  2. Government should 1st maintain roads properly and then keep this all rules

  3. Government should follow the rules first then public automatically follow the rules. Plz reply anybody


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