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e Challan System 2022

Traffic E-Challan is a spot traffic ticket issued by the traffic police for violation of traffic rules. The e-Challan can be paid by cash or at e-Seva center or by any online payment mode. 
*** Pay 25% fine on 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler vehicles, 30% on RTC vehicles, and 50% on 4 and Heavy wheeler vehicles. This facility is available up to 31st Mar 2022.
Along with Traffic E-Challan the Government has introduced the Traffic Penalty Points System. It means when they find any traffic violation we will get echallan and also Points to our license. so be careful the New Traffic Rules  Points System Started from(Aug, 1st 2017)
Traffic e Challan Status Check online

The violation that generates E Challan in Telangana/Hyderabad:
Traffic E-Challan for Offence related to documents, driving, Road marking, Number plate, Traffic police, Traffic signal, peed and overtake, related to towing of vehicles, commercial vehicles, parking pollutionmotor vehicles, and Etc...
For each violation carry a different amount of fine Traffic Police E Challan Fines Cost DetailsA new traffic violation that has been added by Cyberabad Traffic Police is of  Vehicle Insurance. They have integrated their eChallan system with Insurance Database to ensure that vehicle which does not renew their Car Insurance on time are issued an E-Challan automatically.
New Traffic Fines:
traffic e challan New Fines

traffic e challan New Fines4

Traffic Police Released a Video:

Some Other States and Cities of Traffic eChallan Status checking Process and Pay Online

Check Telangana Traffic E-Challan Status Online and Pay E Challan in Online

The violation of "Motor Vehicle Rules and Acts" leads to a penalty. Hyderabad/Cyberabad/Telangana traffic police introduced e-challan and will issue the e-challan for an M.V.Act violation. One can pay this challan directly by cash at an e-Seva center online, through net banking, or by any other payment mode as specified on the ts e challen.
There are two types of e-challans 1st one is generated with Investigation Cameras, which mechanically click the defilement pictures. These pictures get e -printed on the Traffic e- Challan itself. 2nd one is with Digital Cameras, the cops take a snap of the defilement on the field. These pictures will be maintained for future reference. The Cyberabad or Hyderabad police at present time have kept a record of all e -challans and defilement evidence of all automobiles.
One can check motor vehicle pending e-challan status against Registration Number/License Number Online.
To know Motor Vehicle Registration Details Online:
Visit: Vehicle Registration Details
In the beginning, when there was a very low number of vehicles on the roads in India there was no need for traffic rules and regulations but later roads started flooded with different kinds of classes of vehicles that time Government felt the need for a system to control vehicular traffic. Hence in the year, 1914 the first legislation as ‘Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1914’ was launched in India to regulate motor vehicles and other road users. Since then traffic has increased exponentially on roads and at the same time to control the drastic growth in the number of motor vehicles the first Motor Vehicle Act 1914 with some amendments came as “The Motor Vehicle Act 1988” and was revised several times by the Government of India.
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How to Check Status ad Pay Traffic E-Challan in Online? "TS e challan check"!

Step 1: Telangana Traffic e-challan

e challan Traffic offer

  • Go to 

First Check E-Challan Status by using Vehicle Registration Number or License Number
Step 2:  Select and Enter Vehicle Number
  • Select whatever do you have Vehicle Reg. Number or License No And enter that number
  • enter Captcha
  • Then click on Go
If you have any Pending Traffic E-challans (e challan) it shows otherwise not shows
if E-challan there shows like below
Step 3:  Check your violations -ecalana Telangana

List of Pending Traffic E Challans
If it shows any e challan check it first because sometimes another vehicle E challan will come to our bike/vehicle because sometimes mistakenly uploading..check the ts challen photo and confirm.
If no echallans to your vehicle it shows " NO More Pending E Challans".
And if you want to pay E-challans online by using any of these methods -- AP ONLINE, NET BANKING, and eSeva or Meeseva

Step 4: List of Pending Traffic eChallans Online

  • select box and choose the mode of payment
  • click on NET BANKING or AP Online or eSeva
If you have many e challans and you want to pay only a few e-challan then select that challan and pay nothing will happen.
Step 5: Traffic E-Challan Pending E Challan Payment Option
  • Select make payment through ICIC Bank or State Bank or Bill Desk(In this available all payment modes)

Step 6: Traffic E-Challan Online Email Id Details for Reference of Payment

  • Enter your e-mail id 
  • Then click on the Payment button
Email Id option for TS Traffic E Challan Online

Step 7: Traffic E-Challan Online Reference Number

Note: Please note down the Reference number
Write down transaction reference number for future references 
Click on OK

Step 8: Traffic eChalan online Select Payment Mode
Choose Payment Option
Click on Make Payment
Enter your bank details and click on submit
After Making the Traffic E Challan Payment in Online. for confirmation check once again echalan status online any pending challans are their or not.
Video: Traffic E-Challan Online Process How to Check Pending E Challan Status and Pay  Traffic E Challan

watch this video and follow the procedure of Telangana traffic echallan how to check and Pay. 
(Note: If you need to know extra information or any clarification regarding 'Traffic E-Chalans (e challan) Pay online and Traffic E-challan status online please post a comment


  1. I got SMS on my Cell Phone No. 9849243675 that my Vehicle No. AP28TD2067 is pending an amount of Rs......Traffic Challans and asked to pay the amount. In this connection I am to inform that I do not belong any of the vehicles Nos.shown in the pictures nor I have hired it temporarily or permanently. This Phone is with me since last 13 years. I am resident of ADILABAD and did not go Hyderabad during those periods. Please verify the correct owner. My name is S.P. Pataskar, Adilabad.

  2. sir please generate bills. there is not generating bills by internet banking throw. so please solve this problem

  3. please generate bills by pament of internet banking throw please sir.

  4. Only pollution cert. 1000 rs. Challan? I told officer I will soon bring certificate but he didnt listen and also helmet 100 rs. Please reduce challan to some amount. Thank you!

  5. fine detail mention in google sir....triple riding ..1100rs,, phone driving 1000rs nd user charges 35rs...wt sir where going money...every person know triple riding not going, but nearly people lift asked then i lifted final 1100rs chalen coming what sir...poor people how pay...think sir...

  6. Actually i had paid my pending challans bt in dat 5 challan are in same place same line crossing i want to recheck the challan which i paid how to check image of challan which i paid pls let me know

  7. 1100 putted fine to me for cell phone driving actually i cuted phone before i m driving asked bribe so i dnt have to give .they put the fine @1100 rs to me .i am student how can pay this much amount.

  8. It can be useful if the police may collect the penalties then and there itself when the violation takes place. This will be convenient enough to the public. Please think over on it.

  9. On 4th Feb 2016, i was send SMS for paying 135 rs echallan for wrong side driving for vehicle grand-i10. interesting things is that, i have not taken out my vehicle since 23rd Jan, 2016. Moreover, time of e challen 8:46, i was at home and started for office around 9:30 from shapur nagar. I don't know how come i can violate rule of wrong side when i was not there at all.

    Can someone help me on how to resolve such issues? i am really disappointed with this.

    1. Visit your nearest RTO and get challan details from there

  10. On 4th Feb 2016, i was send SMS for paying 135 rs echallan for wrong side driving for vehicle grand-i10. interesting things is that, i have not taken out my vehicle since 23rd Jan, 2016. Moreover, time of e challen 8:46, i was at home and started for office around 9:30 from shapur nagar. I don't know how come i can violate rule of wrong side when i was not there at all.

    Can someone help me on how to resolve such issues? i am really disappointed with this.


  12. We are From Poor Families .. We Cant Bear This much of Challans If the person is standing on Road sitting on vehicle the person is deciding where to go or searching a address . The Cops are taking photos & saying that wrong side drive .. im standing on road the cop taken the photograph i even dont know where to go. This our cops are doing ... i havnt broke any rules while driving... if im standing for release of signal the red signal there is a large traffic. once i moved the signal get again but i moved when there is green signal .. the cop taken the photograph saying signal jumping . one challan is there for wrong side parking there is no boards there is no sign how the people think that there is challan on parking on roads . it comes under wrong side the person should dream that there is challan on that road... most of the incidents happening but the governement have to study if any big person is coming he parked his vehicle on the roads there is no challan for that persons. why this poor people bear all the facts.

  13. Raj kiran yelchuri advocate4 March 2016 at 06:51

    Signal system is not up to the mark.. our signal system remembers music chair play of kids. with this kind of signal system,, every one (police, judge, lawyer or a disciplined scientist) without any discrimination will be violators if they are happen to drive car or bike on this Hyderabad roads. Raj kiran yelchuri advocate

  14. The e-challans generated were on my vehicle registration no. but surprise to see the vehicle does not belong to me. My vehicle is Suziki - Samurai (year 2000 make) where as the images are of different vehicle (looks like Hero Honda). Please look into this matter and kindly do the needful and oblige

  15. On Sunday Erragadda to Sanathnagar Bus Stop market time I went for XEROX. Police take the photograph and put in the web. That time I don't know the photograph matter. Casually check the web site I found it. It is not NO PARKING zone. Withouht provide facility how they will fine on us. What should I do.

  16. i had paid challan ..but i didnt get any receipt again i am getting sms from you.9948597368

  17. i was driving in wrong route the payment for wrong route is 100rs but police collected 600rs. i asked him what is this?he replyed pay the amount and get the vehicle.i said how can i pay spot i can pay through mee seva but he took the vehicle and went out

  18. The e-challan HYD27EC161010007 generated was on my vehicle registration no. but surprise to see the vehicle does not belong to me. My vehicle is Honda Aviator where as the images are of different vehicle (looks like Suzuki Access). Please look into this matter and revert.

    Also, not able to report this issue using the "report us" button in website. Not sure how to proceed.

  19. Not Happy with wrong parking challans.....I suggest to provide parking place in each area and if we don't park still then go for challan. It's not a good practice to raise challan when there is no parking area, where the poor rider will park his vehicle

  20. challan la medha challan lu veyandi....common people ne savagottadanike...e roju kasshta paddadhantha challan ki sarepoyindhi .

  21. Cops harashing common ppl frsr cops must follow all rules which made by themself n dey not dare enough to face richsht kids....srsly flng shame on u guys

  22. On 5th May 2016, I got SMS for e-challan for violating traffic rules. Its very surprising for me that on that day I was not even taken out my bike from house. when called on traffic helpline no. they directed me that you are driving your bike without helmet at Charminar area. it was very surprising for me.If I was not went out from my house and no body taken my bike than how can it happens.its very interesting thing that violation time mentioned on SMS is 18:57 hrs. and at that time I was at HABSIGUDA. i was at started for office around 7:00 from Habsiguda to Uppal. I don't know how come i had violate rule when i was not there at all.

  23. Hello i paid all challans on my bike but imagages and records are not remove may i know the reason and pls remove the phots its my humble request

  24. How to remove the pics from site after paying the challenge?

  25. Hi I have received sms on 7416579865 on 31st may to pay challan amount 505rs fir 3 challans and out of 3 challans on of the challan is not related to my registration number ap28bw7434.
    My vehicle I pulsar 150cc and challan billed on hero glamour bike. Someone using my vehicle registration number.request you to please rectify the problem and remove the challan and also register the complaint that someone else using my vehicle registration number

  26. Hello sir
    Y this traffic is not controlling?
    U wil ask to pay challans ?
    100 gone now u r telling to pay 1000
    For poor people money are not coming from tree and politicians having black money first check them then check roads!

  27. The Traffic constables at borbanda busstop is taking photo without any reasons... and sending challans..Some polices are not wearing helmets also.

  28. What the hell.,
    I receive an challan for an amount of 1100.00 INR for jumping the signal and the picture shown is showing another bike which is completely different from my bike.
    On what basis i should pay the challan or do i have to challenge the Transportation authority in Court.
    Seeking advice

  29. hyderabad traffic police PERSONNEL have become brain fried..they open up any division between the 2 roads n convert it into a U turn..whn the commuters visit the place 2nd time he keeps wondering whr the u turn got dissappeared..n whn he take a slight wrong turn..they stand right in front of u ....n book u for wrong side driving..thts how pathetic and cheap..hyderabad traffic people have become..just to fill up numbers of offenders evn tht means booking nonoffenders and cover up inefficency to come out with a solution in specifically in case of these u turns

  30. This Telangana govt is so rediculous that they left police department as of their choice to collect enough amount so as to fill their boxes which is disgusting the people allover n people are losing their temper with their attitude and the abusive language they use

  31. I parked my bike to purchase fish at krishnangar on Sunday morning.i got fine for no parking zone violation. But Fisherman sells fish on road.i just parked behind.and usually Sunday morning less traffic,not required to put fine on Sundays. Remaining days traffic police will not control traffic in krishnangar. I will not pay fine.

  32. I got an SMS that I have violated traffic rules..but in me seva they showd a photo but that was not my bike. it is another bike with same registration number..what should I do now..someone pls help me

  33. Cop took a pic and issued challan,for not wearing helmet...pic teesina roju helmet undi three years nunchi regular ga vaadutunna...pic teese time ki helmet petrol tank meeda pettukunna...yellapudu helmet pettukune undalem kada..Adi ardam cheskovali..kavalani paisal kosam pic teesi veyyadam Endi's not fair...tappu cheyyakundane fine lu kattalsiostundi...anduke tappu cheyyadame better...Thuuu deeenamma jeevitham

  34. we have received a Challan, stating that "Without Helmet / Not wearing Helmet".

    vehicle no. "AP05BZ2458" in the name of M.Subrahmanyam.

    he is my father. I would like to clear some points here.

    1. the mentioned vehicle is not ours.
    2. the person who is raiding is not belongs to my family.
    3. but we got the challan at our home town with my father's address proof.

    can someone guide me how to solve this.??


  35. First of all police has to follow the rule, then apply to others. When they break the rule no challan and fine on them is unfair.

  36. Feel not like a police, try to solve the problem from your heart. bring a solution to the problem.. try from your side also.. you are also public. Y Raj kiran advocate

  37. my dad mom and small bro is going to hospital...u guyzz make challan of triple ridinG OF around RS 1100RS . U guyz have to check the situation this is not in law.. first read laws and then apply on others...this is the case of there any any law?? in emergency situation also we cannot go triple huhhhhh!!

  38. Sir i sold my activabike AP23AG3017
    Sir that person not transferred the bike registration and i lost the number of that person
    Sir who can i find that person?
    Sir plz help me out

  39. Roads are not up to date, signals and system is failed one. Lot of violators. how do you control?

  40. Hyderabad traffic system is not in correct position, Please check yourself first before Judging others.

  41. Presently, if different streets will be unblocked and there traffic authority will come to help, individuals wouldn't experience an issue concerning traffic any longer. traffic control companies Melbourne


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