How to get Telangana Vehicle Registration Details?

Vehicle Registration Details

Anyone can find Vehicle Registration Details online and if you are thinking now no need to check the data to you but one fine time you will also be needed an emergency to find vehicle registration details it's for you or someone. Nowadays when we are leaving from home means we are going outside that we are seeing many vehicles through that many things are happening.
Here we provided Telangana and Andhra Pradesh State Vehicle Registration Details Online Checking Process.
What details required to find Vehicle Registration Details?
Required Details are:-
1. Vehicle Registration Number(Vehicle Number) and
     Last 5 Digits of Chassis Number
2. Vehicle Engine Number
3. CHASSIS Number
4. T/R Number and Last 5 Digits of Chassis Number
by using any one of 1, 2, 3, 4 details.

Procedure to Find Telangana Vehicle Registration Details Online

Government of Telangana Transport Department

Step 1: Go through Website URL
Check Here:
Step 2: Select what details you have
We have four options to check vehicle registration details select what details you have.
Registration Number
Chassis Number 
TR Number
Step 3: GET DATA
Enter Details you selected one and then click on GET DATA it displays the Vehicle Registration Details.
To Know Pending Traffic e-Challan Online: Telangana Traffic E Challan
Another Method: Vehicle Registration Details Find Through App
We have another chance to get Telangana Vehicle registration details through RTA m-Wallet App
by using this app we can find details easily and also get RC and Driving License through this app.
You need to download it from Play Store:

Find Andhra Pradesh Vehicle Registration Details?

Same Procedure of Telangana State to find Andhra Pradesh(AP) Vehicle Registration details but the website is different.
Government of Andhra Pradesh Transport Department

Check Here:

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