Download Certified Copy of Registration Document Online - Telangana Deed Details

What Details Required to Download Registered Document?
Property Registered: 1. District
2. SRO(Sub Registered Office)
3. Year of Registration
4. Document Number
and money in your account.

How to Download Certified Copy of Registered  Document of Property?

Certified Copy of Registered Document - on Payment (245 + Chagres)
Step 1: Official Website -
Step 1 : Certified copy of Deed Registration Document img1
Step 1 : Certified copy of Deed Registration Document img2
  • Select District
  • SRO ( Sub Registered Office )
  • Year (Year of Land Registered)
  • and Document Number
Click on Get Details
Step 2: Preview Details - Check and Confirm Reg.Details

Check the Details are what you selected to be correct.

  • Enter Applicant Name
  • Give address here Receiving of Physical Document of Certified Copy to your given address.

then click on Show Payment
Step 3: Check Payment Details

Click on Confirm Payment

Step 4: Make Payment for Certified Copy 

certified copy payment option
Select Payment Option and Click on Make Payment then Pay the Charges and now you will be completed the process for getting Certified Copy of Registered Document.
The Physical Document You will be received in 1 Month by Post to the given address.

Certified Copy Registered Document for New Registrations Only


Certified Copy Registered Document for New Registrations Only
Enter Mobile Number and Security code at the time of being given at SRO for document registration.
Click on Submit you will get the PDF file.
                            3 Method: New Process in 2022


Registration Details of  -  (Select one below)
                                            Document Number
                                            Layout Plots
if you selected -Document number - select district, sub-register office and enter Document number & registration year. enter captcha then click on search. now you will see the plot data. if you want to download the certified copy of the registered document follow the below process.

Certified copy sale deed download process1
Click on " Click here for Certified Copy of Registered Document (On Payment)"

The total amount should be above 220 Rs

Challan Amount = 220 Rs 
User charges = 35 Rs
Print Charges (Number document pages X 2rs) = N.P*2 Rs
N.P - Number of Pages

certified copy of sale deed process2

Again enter the document details and click on get details
certified copy applicant details
Fill in the applicant details and permanent details then click on show payment.
Certified copy payment process

Confirm and Pay the total amount online itself. then you will get the certified copy of the registered sale deed document.

Customer Care Number 

  • Toll-Free Number for Enquires: 1800-599-4788
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