Google Adsense ads.txt file Error Notification - How to Fix ads.txt ?

Maximum of  Google Adsense holders are facing ads.txt file problem so follow the below process to fix the issue.

google adsense ads.txt problem

!!!Earnings at risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid a severe impact on your revenue                                                                                                              

How to Fix ads.txt error in Google Adsense ? Solution for ads.txt file.

What details we required for this ads.txt problem?

  •  Publisher ID of Google Adsense

How to Find Publisher Id of Google adsense ?

Go to :- ====>> Sign in

Now you can see Publisher Id at URL of your google adsense page, the publisher id is like this
                       Example:  " pub-1234567890000016 "
or you can also find it at your Google Adsense page ==> from left side click on Account==>  you will get account information in that page check and note that number.
Then note down that Publisher ID.

Step 1: ads.txt google adsense problem fixing in Blogger

First arrange as following below:-, pub-1000000000000016, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

same above code only you should replace your publisher id in the place of "pub-000000000000000"

ads.txt problem

Step 2: ads.txt error solving in blogger

go to blogger:- ==> click on Settings (from left side menu)
                                                    Click on    Search Preferences   
scroll down and check Monetisation - Custom ads.txt

  • Click on Edit

Click Yes  (Enable custom ads.txt content ? )
blogger ads.txt fix

Step 3: ads.txt file code insertion in blogger for removal error in google adsense

Place the code( what you arranged as above) in that box then click on the Save Changes

Now your problem is fixed....

You should repeat same for all blogger websites that linked with Goolge Adsense.

Visit for more info of ads.txt :

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