How to Contact Google for Adsense Payment Google?

GOOGLE Adsense Payment Contact Form

Payment generated in Google Adsense account and money hasn't received in your bank account within 10 business days then follow the below procedure.
Questions like this if not generated  Google Adsense Payment to account
Google Adsense Payment generated in Adsense account on the 21st date but payment not credited into my account, what can I do for payment?

Please Follow the Procedure for Google Adsense payment
What Details Required for Google Adsense Payment Help?
Payee Name of Adsense Account
Contact Email Id
Adsense Publisher ID
Last Four Digits of your Bank Account
and Payment Date

Contact Google Adsense for GoogleAdsense Payment Help

EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer): My bank has not received my payments

This Google Adsense Help form should only be used if your bank hasn't received your EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer) payment within 10 business days.

Enter Below Details and Submit

  • Adsense Payee Name
  • Adsense Email Address
  • Adsense Publisher ID
  • Your Country
  • Last Four Digits of Bank Account Number
  • Amount and Payment Date
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