What are Dag / Khasra No? Where can we find? | Dag / Khasra Number


We getting difficult to find Dag / Khasra no in PM  Kisan New Application form, when we apply the PM Kisan New Application Online, we will get these Dag Khasra Options column tab to fill.

Dag Khasra Number is also called as Survey Number 

Dag / Khasra Number = Survey Number    

It is Land Identification Number in the Revenue department

Dag / Khasra Number and Survey numbers are both the same only. That will treat somewhere like different names.

We can find the Survey Number in our land passbook.

Ex: Telangana State Survey Number

Dag Khasra Number Survey Number

Here you can find the Survey Number.


  1. Survey/Khata No and Khasra/ Dag No Could Not be Same, Please Enter Correct Information
    This is what we get if we enter the same value in both the fields
    What to do?


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