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Network Performance Monitoring Tools 


Platform: Riverbed SteelCentral

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Riverbed SteelCentral is the network monitoring & application performance monitoring suite that gives full network visibility, troubleshooting,, analytics, and user monitoring. Their network performance management platform acts as a set of monitoring and management tools, like AppResponse for packet capture and NetProfiler for flow-based analysis. 

Riverbed provides customers with four different levels of support depending on how quickly they need replacement in the equipment shipped in the event of a network failure.

Platform: Plixer Scrutinizer


Plixer Scrutinizer is the network traffic analysis & network monitoring system that gathers network flow data and metadata from every network conversation. Scrutinizer works as network forensics and security tool as well. Plixer’s tool correlates the network data with metadata from various network locations to supply better context for network events. 

In addition to the Plixer Scrutinizer features integrations with technologies from the companies like Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and VMware.

Thousand Eyes

ThousandEyes’ technology is an important component of our Visibility and Performance Management solutions - helping our clients close visibility gaps and quickly get to the basis cause and determination of any disruption.

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