Why Private CLOUD and what is Private Cloud ? Private Cloud Solutions

What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud(Private Cloud) is a type of cloud computing that delivers similar advantages to public cloud, including self-service and capability, but through a proprietary architecture cloud. Unlike public clouds, which deliver services to more organizations, a private cloud is dedicated to a one organization.

Private Cloud is a cloud computing

A private cloud is a cloud computing software and hardware platform that is dedicated to our organization. A private cloud hosted at data center provides you the freedom to choose: network switches and routers, firewalls, server hardware, cloud computing software, and storage systems. Data Center solutions are designed and built to give you the power to manage and construct clouds across your internal data centers and data center — on terms that you control. This means that you can easily keep a handle on compliance, costs, and security. And you can let your business needs drive your IT (Information Technology) strategy, instead of having IT limit your options.

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