TEC - Telecentre Entrepreneur Course for CSC -Common Services Centre

TEC (Telecentre Entrepreneur Course) is a certification course designed by CSC(Common Services Centre) Academy. This course is for all the VLE (Village Level Entrepreneurs) and citizens who shall become licensed Village Level Entrepreneurs(VLE). The course is meant to offer information about various services provided by the Common Services Centre (CSC).

This course is for all the Common Services Centre (CSC) VLEs and Citizens who can become a licensed VLE (Village Level Entrepreneurs). Through this course, a citizen can open her/his (Digital Center) CSC centre and preference are going to be given to the certified VLEs for all the prevailing and upcoming in CSC. This course is beneficial for anyone with budding talent to start out an ICT (Information & Communication Technology) based Centre in order that the community could also be served with digital technology.

A-TEC (Telecentre Entrepreneur Courses) can help and facilitate citizens to access computers, the web, and other digital technologies that enable them to collect information, create, learn, and communicate with others while they develop essential digital skills. While each Telecentre entrepreneur (TEC) is different, their common focus is on the utilization of digital technologies to support community, economic, educational, and social development reducing isolation, bridging the digital divide, promoting health issues, creating the economic opportunities, and reaching bent youth. Telecentre entrepreneur exist in almost every country, in India it's referred to as Common Services Centre (CSC)

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