Telanganan Kalyana Laksmi/Shaadi Mubarak Scheme Details | How to apply?

Kalyana Lakshmi/Shaadi Mubarak Scheme 

The Telangana  State has  Kalyana Laxmi Scheme is available from October 2nd, 2014
What is Kalyana Laxmi/Shaadi Mubarak Scheme?
Kalyana Laxmi is the State Government of Telangana State Scheme it is for newly married brides
Who is Eligible for Kalyana Laxmi?
What Documents Required for Applying Kalyana Laxmi Pathakam?
telangana Kalyana Laxmi Scheme/ Shaadi Mubarak Scheme

Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam Scheme OR SHAADI  MUBARAK Scheme

        Telangana State Government has been taken a step to reduce the child marriage and to stand support for the financially down families with Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme and is succeeded well from the date of introduction till now.Backward castes like SC, ST and Muslim minority people are been considered under this scheme on the date of introduction.Later Telangana State Government added BC and E-BC caste under Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme.On the date of introduction of Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme government has fixed the amount to 51000. Later on, survey government realized the amount is insufficient for fulfilling the needs and on the latest notification released by government state that amount is been revised to 75116 and are in a vision to increase it to 1lakh rupee. As of date, about 125000 families have been benefited with Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme and it’s a big achievement for the government.

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme or Shaadi Mubarak Scheme Details
Amount: 75116
Caste Eligible: Sc,St,Minority,BC,E-BC
Total members benefited: 125000
Fund released 2016-2017:738 crores
Amount fixed for castes
SC: 150 crores
ST: 80 crores
Muslims: 100 crores
In order to fulfill the marriage needs of the financially backward women child, Telangana State Government has introduced Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme with the margin of 51000 and recently increased the amount to 75116.
Previously the amount from Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme was been given in the form of the check in the name of brides mother. In a case of the expiry of the mother, the check is been given in the name of the Father.
Eligibility Criteria:
Brides age: above 18 years
Yearly income: Below 2 lacs
Inter-caste Marriage: Yes
Only for Telangana residence families

What documents required to apply Shaadi Mubarak/Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme?

Certificates Required:
2.Birth Certificate
4.Aadhaar Card
5.Wedding invitation card
6.Bride photo
7. Bride’s mother photo
8.First marriage Certificate
10.Bank Details
  Details of the Bride and Bridegroom must be sent to the government through online before one month. After completing the online procedure take the hard copy and submit it to Tahasildar.Later all the details submitted will be verified and the family persons will be enquired by VRO and Girdawar and will be submitted to Tahasildar.Later the list of brides under Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme will be submitted to MLA by Tahasildar after  MLA ensures the list will be sent to RDO.After RDO verification check is been generated in the name of Brides mother or father and will be sent to the bride's residence through government officials. In case of Shaadi, Mubarak check is been generated in the name of the bride. After receiving the details amount will be issued in 15days. Government is trying to issue the amount from Kalyana  Laxmi(Shaadi Mubarak) Scheme on or before the marriage date.

How to Apply for Shaadi Mubarak/Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme in Online?

What details we required to fill the details in online for Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam/Shaadi Mubarak Scheme? 
Bride Particulars
1.Bride's Data:
SSC Details if you studied otherwise Select  it No
Name of the Bride
Date of Birth
Name of the Bride'sFather
Aadhaar Number(UID)
Caste and Sub-Caste
Educational Qualification
Phone Number
Bride Mother's Name(as per BANK account)
Bride Mother's Aadhar Card Number
2.Income Certificate Details:
Meeseva Number(IC)
3.Caste Certificate Details:
Meeseva Number(Caste Certificate)
4.Permanent and Present Address
5.Bride Bank Account Details(Optional)
6.Bride Mother's Bank Account Details(Mandatory)
Bride Groom Particulars
1.Details of the Bride Groom
SSC details if they studied
Date of Birth
Father Name
Educational Qualification
Family income(per annum)
Present Occupation
2.Permanent Address
Details of the Marriage:
Date of Marriage
Place of Marriage(Name of the temple/Kalyana Mandapam/any other institution):
Address of Marriage
Documents need to Upload:
  • Ist Marriage Confirmation Certificate
  • VRO/Panchayath Secretary Approval Certificate
  • Bride's Photo
  • Age Proof Certificate
  • Bride's Aadhaar Copy
  • Bride Groom's Aadhar Copy
  • Bride Mother's Bank Passbook Copy
  • Bride's Bank Passbook Copy(Optional)
Online Procedure for applying Kalyana Laxmi Pathakam/ Shaadi Mubarak Scheme
Step1: Kalyana Lakshmi/ Shaadi Mubarak Scheme
Fill all the above details and Upload Documents then Submit

Check and Print Application Status

Go here:
Required details to check Application Status
Bride's Aadhar Number and Phone Number

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