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maadhar app

mAadhaar is an official mobile application developed by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).The Indian government is making huge efforts to turn India into a Digital India.This is one of the steps to encourage people to move a step ahead to the process of making  Digital India. Any Indian can access this app anywhere anytime and easily access data.To make it a genuine process one need to register your mobile with this app to access an authenticated way.
mAadhaar is presently available on Android only and IOS user will be added shortly. Due to the app is still under development users may face some problems, please be patient until the app is fully developed.

Know mAadhar app Usage and Key Features:

Anywhere Anytime:
            User can download aadhaar card anytime anywhere
Changes in Aadhaar card:
                The User can make necessary changes in aadhar card and make a request to update it.
Biometric locking and unlocking:
                  A user can lock the app with biometric authentication and the app only open when the user wants to unlock it.No other user can access the app, till the app is biometrically authenticated.
OTP(one time password):
                 A time based One-time password is generated to your registered mobile number, this confirms whether the user trying to access the app is a authenticated user or not.
QR code and e-KYC:
              Every aadhaar card holder has a unique QR code printed on it.With this QR Code, user does not need to enter each and every detail just open the app scan your QR code and there you are seeing each and every detail of you on screen
What details we required to download and install maadhaar app?
We need to have aadhar number with registered mobile number, because after installation of the app when we log in through aadhar number that time OTP goes to the registered mobile number.
For - Aadhar Card Mobile number Registration 

Download and Install mAadhar App 

Google Play Store
mAadhaar App

maadhar app step1
Click on Install and open it
Step1: Create Password 
Create Password for mAadhaar App for future Security

mAadhar app password creation

Step2: mAadhaar App 
maadhar app Aadhar app and OTP
Enter Aadhaar Card Number
OTP comes to your registered mobile number
Enter OTP and Click on Verify
Now you can able see your aadhar card and you can Lock/Unlock Aadhar Biometrics online.
mAadhaar: If your Application is not reading the OTP automatically, below is the procedure.
maadhar not reading OTP

*Go to Setting on your phone
*Go to Permissions  Control
*Go to APPS
*Go to mAadhaar App
*Allow the Read SMS Option

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  1. I need to edit my mobile number with my Aadhar Card. provide me the directions.


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