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TSPSC Online Assessment, TSPSC Practice Exam or TSPSC Online Mock Test or TSPSC Online Mock Exam available now.
who are preparing for TSPSC exams they have a chance to take online mock exam for General Studies and General Abilities.
TSPSC ( Telangana State Public Service Commission) is providing mock exam at its official website www.tspsc.gov.in, the registered users can take this mock test before going to take TSPSC main exams. This mock test is intended to give the prior experience to all the applicants of TSPSC exams. After taking mock exam one can get the knowledge like how would be the online test model,how the exam would be, what should candidates to do with online test, how to submit question paper with their answers online. Hence we can say this online mock test or mock exam is very useful and benefits the candidates in time saving, avoid read instructions also it would let candidates know the exam rules. 
To the registered users mock tests are available for all the posts exams like Town officers, Assistant Engineer,Assistant Executive Engineer, Agriculture Officers, Horticulture Officer, AE and to all TSPSC online exams. To give this mock test one supposed to enter the login id and password got after registration. Once submitting login credentials the page will navigate to the instructions read carefully. There few instructions on Navigating to a  question, General Instructions, Answering a Question, Choosing an Optional Section, Changing the Optional Section. Before taking exam, reading all these instructions will give experience to give test successfully. Here you get the complete process with snapshots to how to give and submit mock test. 

How to Take TSPSC Online Mock Test or Mock Exam?

General Instructions :
Exam duration would be 100 minutes.
Closed will be set at the server and the countdown timer will be placed in the top right corner of the screen.
Question palette will show the status of each question and this palette will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
Question palette will display the status of the question using one of the following 5 symbols each symbol has its own color.     
                    1. Not visited the question yet.
                    2. Not answer the question.
                    3. You have answered the question.
                    4. Not answered the question, but have marked the question for review.
online mock exam practice

 5. You have answered the question, but marked it for review.

Like above read carefully tall he remaining instructions, further reading instructions,you will find check box,tick mark the against i have read the instructions. Click on I am ready to begin. While giving Mock Online Test, one can answer the questions, where you have not answered during the exam time. After answering the all questions, you are supposed to submit.

Procedure for TSPSC Online Mock Exam

Step 1:TSPSC Practice Exam
Go Here: https://goo.gl/brPrwn

TSPSC online mock exam sign in
  • Click on Sign In

Take TSPSC Online Mock Exam 

Step2: TSPSC Online Mock Exam

  • Read the Instructions Carefully
  • And Click on Next

Step 3: TSPSC Online Mock Test

Check the box - accept the terms and conditions
Click on the I am ready to begin 
Step 3: TSPSC Online Mock Test

Step 4: TSPSC Online Assessment 

Now take the exam
Step 4: TSPSC Online Assessment

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