How to download Duplicate copy of Property or Land Registration Document in Online?

Registration Document

Land registration documents, plot registration documents, and property registration documents duplicate/xerox copies are computerized. We all know the aim of registering title to land is to create & maintain the details of landowners whose title is guaranteed by the particular state, this makes the transfer and mortgaging of land easier. Land-owners or land buyers now can check the three successive landowners' details online also can download the duplicate property copy. All you need to have to download the duplicate property copy is Sadar Document Number, Year of the Registration, and Registration office code or Name (SRO). The below is the complete procedure for downloading a duplicate copy of property at its authorized website.

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Download Duplicate Copy of Property or Land Registration Document in Online

Nowadays we can easily get land registration documents online, property registration documents online, and plot registration documents online.
we provided all the information on How to download Land Registration documents online, how to download plot registration documents online, and how to download property registration documents online?

What details are we required to download the duplicate copy of the Property or Land Registration document?

Sadar Document number
Year of the Registration
Registration office code or Name(SRO)

Procedure for download the Registration Document in Online:

Go for Telangana:    or
Register and login above given meeseva website for Telangana  State people to get the Registration Document Online for that you need to pay some amount to the government. log in and check details.
Official Site:
(it will take more time to open..why we don't know...and recently Telangana has changed their website on that site there is no chance to download the document and it works for Andhra Pradesh)
Go for Andhra Pradesh:
Official site:
Click on  Continue
Now you will see the Thumb Nail Registration document in that now you can enter
SRO(sub-register office)
Year of the registration of land
Document Number
Click on the submit
Now you will get verified success if you are given the correct information.
Click on download
Now you will get the Registration document in the pdf form.

Steps for Download Registration Document Online:

Follow the below steps to Download Registration Document is online

Step 1: Download Registration Document in Online

Go to the above-given link
Step 1: Download Registration Document in Online

Click on Continue

Step 2: Download Registration Document in Online

Step 2: Download Registration Document in Online
Select district
Select SRO(sub-register office)
Enter Registration Year
Enter Document Number
Then click on Submit

Step 3: Download Registration Document in Online

Step 3: Download Registration Document in Online
It will take some time

Step 4: Download Registration Document in Online

  • Click on Download
Step 4: Download Registration Document in Online

Now you will get the Duplicate Copy of the Registration Document it is in the form of a pdf.

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  1. Gud Morning Sir. If I would like to take the Certified copy by way of downloding. shall i pay any fee to any concerned department.


  2. Even though I'm entering the correct details it z showing that certificated copy cannot be show plz try later.......

  3. Not working.. Asking me to try again later

  4. Thumbnail view document not opening sir

  5. Its not working...Asking for some security code when clicked on Certified Copy of Documents

  6. Sir our documents are kept in my brothers home..i didn't know the document there any chance to get duplicate copy of documents with house number

    1. you can search based on the survey number there u will get the document number

    2. Finally i got our document number by using neighbors survey how can I take duplicate document...our property was registered in 1994

    3. How you got the document no using survey no's, i am also in same situation

  7. sir my residence home land is earlier a lake in olden days. later government given registration to that lands for house holds. now i dont have that documents either survey no any of identity how to get my land registration document for ensure my land boundaries

  8. I got property but I check ec and I found one link document was missing which was 1965 online I cannot see before 1975 what should I do... should I go to SRO..

  9. Greetings,
    I tried to get the copy using the document number but it is showing below message:
    Certified copy cannot be issued for given document.Try again later....!!

    Could you please let me know is there any other to get the copy online

  10. Hi,
    please try below to download registration document :
    1) go to
    2) You or your builder would have received message with securitycode, type the mobile number and security code in above link page, if details are correct then document will be downloaded.

    You can also visit meeseva with your document number to get duplicate copy.

  11. Hi,

    I have lost the document for our land which is registered on 1983.

    Could you please help me how to get that..


  12. Sir my grand mother purchased land from neighbour .land document has gone how to get the document .where to concern

  13. Hello can someone please suggest how to get the documents copy. I have survey number only with me.

    1. You need Document number for downloading the Registered Document Copy

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  15. Sir my original documents of my site i have xerox how can i get original documents because i have to apply home loan

  16. I dont have document number how can i get document number ?

  17. Sir,
    In 1983 when I was minor 14 year my father did sale deed on me after we shifted to Hyderabad now after my father bother sale my property to his son he is also minor on that time on same year with outknowing us still we we can cable his document with help. Of sro or rdo

  18. I am loss of house writen love gift wife her all another patta kabja in document under taken show roudiijam loss patta how I am have my proportey servey no 219&220 area proddatur tw vil no 564907305266.


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