Motor Cycle with Gear Means ? | Two Wheeler or Four Wheeler | Licence

When we are applying for a License we should be select an option online for that most of them are confusing. 
MCWG - Motor Cycle With Gear
Both geared and non-geared motorcycles are allowed under this category.
 MCWG (MCWG) means Motor Cycle With Gear. It is a license category in India. Motor Cycle With Gear license is used to drive all motorcycles of engine capacities covering from 50 cc to unlimited cc such as mopeds, bikes, scooters with gear in any part of India.

LMV - NT Light Motor Vehicle - Non-Transport is a license category in India. LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) license is used to drive light motor vehicles such as jeeps, cars,  small vans for personal purposes only, but not for commercial transportation.

LMV-NT or LMV (n/t)  include any hatchback, SUV, sedan, etc with a white background with a black text Licence plate to the vehicle, is allowed under this driving license category in  INDIA.

What is the meaning of (Light Motor Vehicle) LMV transport?

Light Motor Vehicle LMV — including jeeps, motorcars, taxis, delivery vans. 

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