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UIDAI Aadhaar Compaint

The New Aadhaar Enrollment is free but there are some minor charges for some services like aadhaar biometric and demographic updates. If the enrollment agency takes more charge, you can notify to uidai from mail on or call us on 1947 (toll free number).

Complaint on Aadhaar/Enrolment

Note Note:
Resident can file complaints related to:
Operator & Enrolment Agencies (Enrolment ID is optional)
Aadhaar not Generated ( Enrollment ID is mandatory)

aadhaar complaint forum

For any other complaints you may call:
Call toll free no 1947, or
Resident can file complaints related to:
Operates  Enrollment Agencies enrollment ID is optional

Anyone can register a complaint related to Operator and Enrollment agencies issues

Aadhar Contact
  • Enrolment Operator refused to enrol
  • Operatior misbehaved with residents
  • Enrollment Center was shut without information notice
  • Operator charged you for enrolment
  • Operator asked you to pay more than 25Rs/- for update

Do not PAY attention Contact UIDAI AADHAAR 

Call 1947
Mail: Write to
Send meaasges: Facebook:

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