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National Population Register - NPR

What is NPR Card and Why?

About NPRNPR - National Population Register
               NPR stands for national population register. The primary aim of this NPR is to improve the economic policies implementation methods of government and its several programs.The National Population Register(NPR) which is maintained by registrar general and  census commissioner of India is the database in which the identities of all Indian residents is present.The goal of this National Population Register(NPR) is similar to Unique Identification Authority Of India(UIDAI).


They both closely work together to create the database of Indian residents. During the general census carried-out between April and September months of 2010, the data has been collected for the creation of the National Population Register(NPR). The data collected for NPR is sent to UIDAI for Duplication and issuance of Aadhaar number.
Thus the data collected is thee types-
1. Demographic
2. Biometric
3. Aadhaar number

So it is responsibility of every citizen to register for NPR even though Aadaar identity is already present, as it includes the doorstep collection of data of that authorized person.

 National population Register project  holds the following activities
>Digitization of data
>house listing by the enumerator
>scanning of NPR schedules
>De-duplication by UIDAI and issuance of aadhaar number
>correction and validation of information collected
>Bio metric enrollment and consolidation
>consolidation of data at census commissioners office

How to Register NPR Card Online?

Only the authorized users can access to this portal


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